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  1. Idk what people who started Pollard were thinking. All of the buzz around Zeke was that he was playing...
  2. Feels like a trap but will happily throw him on some benches and see.
  3. Absolutely not. He’s not even the best RB on the roster.
  4. An UDFA rookie played the most snaps of any RB on the roster last Sunday. So yes, I am very comfortable betting on Washington playing the most snaps as a likely outcome this week.
  5. Absolutely nothing to indicate that. Whenever he’s been heathy he’s playing a complimentary role. There’s been enough of a season to know how the coaching staff views him.
  6. Would argue he’s probably better than Gaskin... won’t be surprised if he falls right into a big role this week.
  7. An obvious hold. This week is a good opportunity for a bounce back game.
  8. Hilarious that people think Alshon will be an issue to any other play maker having an impact at this point. [...]
  9. Good amount of a chatter that Minshew’s injury was just a way to make him the fall guy for their struggles and an easy out to bench him. It’s pretty unlikely they go back to him in a lost season when they can see what they have in Luton.
  10. Brutal. Just couldn’t have been a worse call in this thread.
  11. Pollard looks better, it's pretty much undeniable. That said, I'm glad Zeke made it out of that game without any further setbacks. Would have been a nightmare if that happened going into the bye. Would essentially be going into the next game blind with no sort of confidence in how little or much he would play. It won't be pretty, but at least with some semblance of an offense with a pulse, he shouldn't be unstartable. Just look at the RB scoring this week. Gross.
  12. He's been mentioned but I think Deandre Washington is a good flyer. No one seemed to step up in Gaskin's absence and I'd argue he's the most talented back on that roster now, even when Gaskin returns.
  13. Never trust Rapoport. I’ll wait for a Schefter update.
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