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  1. Need Big Ben and Bell to score less than 28 A silly amount of luck required.
  2. Must win game. Standard scoring. I prefer McCaffrey but will he be limited with the should injury? Or D. Thomas is another option..
  3. Standard scoring. Who does everyone prefer this week? Thinking CMC but undecided.
  4. Correction beat by 0.38 points. FF sucks at times.
  5. F**k Julio Jones. F**k Russell Wilson. Beat by a point ?
  6. Currently up by 37. He's got Wilson/Graham. I've got Julio. Favorable situation but you just never know.
  7. Grab him for sure then either trade him or one of your other WR for RB upgrade.
  8. Yeah his team is a dumpster fire haha. I could try a Delanie Walker deal (don't think my signature is updated. Got rid of ASJ/Henry on Sunday). Delanie Walker + 2nd string WR/RB?
  9. Hard to say without seeing your team but on the surface I don't like the trade at all. You're giving up a lot of depth unless you've got a stud TE and you're pretty loaded at RB.
  10. AB and Evans for sure. How on earth have you got so many WR/RB studs haha
  11. Yeah I'd start Martin over Duke as well. Apart from that looks good. Cause it's PPR I think I'd probably start Shepard over Dez too, based on recent performance.
  12. The best WRs he has are Kelvin Benjamin and Sanu ?
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