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  1. Rams 21 vs Packers 20 Raves 27 vs Bills 24 Browns 24 vs Chiefs 43 TB 31 vs NO 27 Gunna be a blood bath.
  2. Not to derail the thread but its way better to have a fraudulent charge on a credit card than a debit card or a PayPal account that's linked to your bank account. If the charge is fraudulent, you call the card issuer, claim fraud they give you a credit and send you a new card while they do an investigation... you aren't out anything during that time period which is not the case with a debit card or bank account. Rant over...
  3. Butttt are now probably in their final thanks to a WR1 performance coming from their flex!
  4. Agreed, but hopefully they key in on Ekler instead. Allen is supposed to be "limited" which i always interpret as, if he makes it through warmups they're going to use him like normal so I think there will be a slight uptick in targets but I don't think we should expect anything crazy tonight. Im just praying he gets in the endzone.
  5. I guess I read that wrong. You're punishing one or the other regardless of the decision, I think I would default to let it stand vs trying to justify a reversal. I don't play on Yahoo, does this early processing thing happen often?
  6. If #2 can show proof that they submitted a claim for it Tuesday night I would reverse it, otherwise I would tell them they are SOL. Kind of a crap spot but #4 did nothing wrong (besides being a goodie-two-shoes & turning in his homework early) so I don't think locking the DST is the right move.
  7. Lol, yes it absolutely does. I think being in for one play and then sitting the rest of the game is much better for JK than him not sniffing the field at all. 0 snaps could be a warm-up injury or maybe said something to Harbaugh that pissed him off, who knows?... But both of those things may only last a week and then Ingram becomes a factor again next week, WHICH WOULD EFFECT DOBBINS as we have all seen throughout the whole season! Thanks @JohnD for the link!
  8. I don't see Ingram getting a offensive snap last night, where are you seeing him getting the "start" ?
  9. Was this something that was agreed on before the season started and never changed? Has it always been a 2 week playoff matchup in the past? Obviously changing any settings after the season kicks off is a big no no but that's a pretty significant change and kind of a weird one to randomly decide last minute...
  10. Do we know why? I didn't see any injury designation, its weird he just disappeared after having a role in every game he has been healthy this season... Also, didn't one of their coaches just say tell the media that "Mark does the dirty work" or something to that effect? Obviously Ingram being out is a great sign but the skeptic in me feels like this is an outlier vs the norm moving forward, really really really hope I'm wrong.
  11. I guess next week will tell, hard to imagine this backfield adding an additional back...That was crazy, don't get why they don't let give him 70% of the touches.
  12. In my experience making this move tends to bite them in the A** just as often as it helps someone. Personally, I don't have a problem with it even if it caused another team to miss the playoffs. This is a game, there is strategy to every game and if you see a team that had a bad start and would have a legitimate shot to win if they made it in and you're in a position to "block" them, I'm all for it.
  13. To be fair to the Bus he has produced on par with Dobbins this season. I 100% agree that having Hill out there is a joke, hopefully that was a one week Band-Aid to get Dobbins and Ingram back in game form because if not, I don't think you can start anyone in that backfield. Sadly, even if Hill is out moving forward I don't think any BAL RB besides Lamar will make a significant impact in the playoffs this year.
  14. I think the position is most definitely evolving from guys who a pure pocket passers (Brady, Manning, Brees, Rivers) and have little to no ability to get outside the pocket and pick up rushing yards to pocket passers that are still athletic enough to run for 30-80 yards a game. Mahomes, Luck, Allen, and Watson (soon to be T. Lawrence) are the hybrid that, in my opinion will be around for 10+ years because they can do both where Lamar and Kyler are guys that will be relevant until their legs can no longer carry them. Jurys still out for me on Kyler, I think he can do it with his arm but I
  15. Holy S*** Guys! Did you see it last night, a screen play for Zeke! Guess what... it went for 12 yards! Would you believe that's his second longest pass play since the week DAK went down??? Man, who would have thought that a screen play would be so efficient??? Maybe they should do like 3-4 of those a game, might help take some heat of the Red Rocket!
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