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  1. Hes been resting/sitting out a lot of Wednesday practice now. I consider it now like his mandatory rest day to relax since he's there offense lol. He had the same exact thing last week and still Destroyed Tennessee. No worries here.
  2. I think I would also make this trade. Especially if Matt Ryan doesn't play this week it might affect Julio even more. and your going to be wanting the win this week and espically next week. Lockett and Ertz should help with that.
  3. I don't think I would make the trade. Sanu might just go in flow with the offense like every other back/receiver does in NE only one safe is edleman and trading ekeler right now I wouldn't do his position on the team should be going back up again after last week
  4. Need to choose 2 for my WR slots all 3 have good matchups who would you go with? standard league
  5. seeing this thread and Mattison one pop up to front page scared me for a second..... 😷. Confident in him tonight id say about 16/118/1 and 4/32
  6. Exactly. A safety is a safety. Imagine all other websites even including the NFL fantasy app calling it a safety. And then you just saying “nah it’s not”. Good way to move a lot of fantasy owners to different leagues 😂
  7. All other sites are counting it as a safety. Yahoo CBS all other fantasy sites. And also they counted the exact same thing yesterday for saints. I’ll love to see how they can explain it. Since people are pissed about it
  8. They credited the saints yesterday. For the exact same thing that happens to the bears. Which is also a major point people are pissed about. Including the fact everyone besides them sees it this way. Someone on ESPN going against New England this week 😂
  9. Yes apparently every other fantasy app is crediting it. And not only that. They credited the saints yesterday for the exact same thing. People are definitely not happy. I also included lol
  10. They better put the safety back on the points board tho 😐
  11. I mean espn is still counting it as a safety. So I’m guessing the fantasy app will put it back to a safety also? They got the bonus 2 points. That’s a safety everyday. I also had the pats defense. The safety bonus points in my league will decide if I tie this week or win the matchup. So they better put it back on there lol
  12. The first offer is terrible. Counter is better but I doubt he'll accept if he's willing to send a terrible offer like that in first place lol
  13. id go Gordon, Sanders and Lazard like you said. Not much on options. Titans defense is pretty good so the Rbs will be a coinflip
  14. I would have scary terry in. even if its against SF he's still been relevant
  15. That's not a bad deal. Fairly even on both sides considering Adams could be back anywhere from this week- 4 weeks
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