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  1. This whole season has been a s**t Show!! Started the year at 4-0 Week 2 i lost Paris Campbell for the season. week 3 dj chark misses a whole week of practice and is ruled out Week 4 cam Newton is one of the first players to get diagnosed with Covid. week 5 My first Loss had 5 players on bye smh 🤦🏽‍♂️ week 6 just bad management left swift on my bench and he had 27 pts oh and mixon gets hurt week 7 traded for MT (before it was announced that he had a hamstring Injury) cam Newton literally died on the field -0.18 points Week 8 Carson wentz took a dump VS t
  2. Starting him for the rest of the season. Schedule looks great and if he’s getting this many targets you can feel safe starting him
  3. [...] Hopefully they can give him the same kind of production against the Steelers as he did the last Steelers game
  4. So happy to see this. Next year he’s going to be solid! Definitely going to try to grab him next year. gibson, swift and dobbins these rb will have huge seasons next year
  5. Not a terrible game but not a good one either with burrow out i doubt he’s startable
  6. Just dropped him in my 12 team league i have Gio. Not worth rostering everyone do the same hes a waste of a roster spot. Unless of course you have an ir spot. My league doesn’t so cut him loose
  7. 12 interceptions 9 fumbles yup drop this guy he’s not winning you any weeks not worth the gamble
  8. Lmao someone really said the biggest bust in the last 10 years 🤣 the lev bell hold out year was the worst. and to think owners would not trade him away with hopes that he would play 😂
  9. I wasn’t expecting anything tbh I’m just saying how when jones was with McCarthy they used Jamal williams for passing down work. Similar to how they use mckissic. Gibson is a WR turned into a RB right? i was never asking for no 18 carries It seems dumb that they wouldn’t give him more passing down work as opposed to them using him more on runs. Specially when they’re giving the other rb 15 targets 😂 you would think they would want to give him more passing down work so that they don’t show their hand when mckissic is in there.
  10. This is the worst, this just screams Mike McCarthy and the free Aaron jones era. Both Gibson and swift remind me of the season were Aaron jones didn’t break out until late in the season. Thank you 🗑 coaches
  11. This guy is absolute garbage 12 int 9 fumbles forget that! Not to mention terrible o line. I’m in a deeper league so there’s no choice but to hold him. He’s just a clog on your bench tbh
  12. Great player hate the usage. Definitely not worth rostering in PPR leagues. unless of course your league is big. sucks that they don’t give him any targets. and to think they could have a complete back if they really used him properly. the thing is the coaching staff is still pretty much using a rbbc since that’s what suited brady. I think they’re forgetting that they no longer have Brady. Having James white and Burkhead in there shows their hand. The difference now is that with Brady it didn’t matter if they showed their hand. With cam you pretty much know what’s going to happen i
  13. One more thing i think ppl are forgetting how 🗑 this position is. goedart outscored waller hockerson Ebron Hooper Fant To name a few, TE this week did horrible. Only a couple had over 10 full point PPR points
  14. To be fair wentz has been so garbage this year. I mean he has 12 int and 9 fumbles. 9 fumbles 🤯 if he wasn’t wentz he would be benched. i think goedart will have better hands but until Carson plays better Ave they fix the online goedart might not see consistent looks.
  15. Started the season 4-0 mans now I’m on the verge of going 4-6 FML with goedart getting injured to comeback and not getting any looks. to Joe mixon getting injured to having Michael Thomas being the biggest bust this year. oh and did i mention i have carson wentz as my starter #F***2020
  16. I love how when mixon plays they give Bernard all the plays and now mixon is out and Bernard has basically been invisible
  17. Yup i guess you could say if you drafted MT you’re not making playoffs
  18. I’d go with Breida, i prefer his situation over the others. help with mine?
  19. Definitely a no for me. Rather have jones https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/830417-lost-last-5-🤯-need-help-whir/
  20. Tbh i wouldn’t waste my time on him, that backfield is a Russian roulette of Running back. if Mike Davis was dropped he might be a great pick up again. help with mine?
  21. 4-5 12 team pull Point PPR lost my last 5 🤯 6 team playoff bracket. Do i make the playoffs with this squad? QB Tom Brady, C.Wentz WR A.Rob,M.Thomas,DJ.Chark,B.cooks RB J.mixon,D.swift,A.gibson,Dobbins, Gio TE D.goedart J.reed K badgley Def Arizona what moves would you make? trade away a WR and RB for and upgrade? Stay still? need to win my last 4 to have a chance at the playoffs thanks in Advance
  22. That’s fine and all but after this week Ingram might be back so you’re missing on a golden opportunity to play him at the flex. Every start is risk tbh cus anything could happen. so might as well throw him up there. Unless of course you have insanely good options. In a 12-14 team league of definitely play him
  23. I think they were very serious about not using him this week coming back from IR but damn i thought at least 3 catches yikes
  24. Nope no news all i heard was Tony gonzalez saying watch out for Jordan reed 👀
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