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  1. Full ppr - 12 team Gave: Kerryon, Andrews, and Ridley Received: Julio and Singletary He’s got Mack And Singletary on bye and with a murky waiver wire situation I capitalized on Julio having 2 down games and him needing an upgrade in TE and a RB2 with RB1 upside. Roster: QB - Watson WR - Julio, Boyd, Gallup, Fuller, Williams RB - Kamara, Bell, Coleman, Singletary TE - Henry, Herndon, Hock Had to pick up Henry for insurance and rolling the dice on Hock this week.
  2. I’d take out Tevin Coleman and then do the trade. Or if he wants Coleman, ask him to add a WR3 into the deal since you’d be getting a little shallow. Someone like Fuller or Ridley.
  3. I’d trade for Damien williams. He came back from injury and still commanded the back field. He didn’t produce last week but he still played a 60/40. And that backfield is only him and McCoy. Also in response to what this guy said. Coming from a Niner fan. I’d keep Ertz and trade Kittle. Niners just lost both LT and RT. I suspect Kittle will be used more in blocking schemes more than not for the next 4-6 weeks until Joe Staley and McGlinchey comes back. He still has the big play upside but Ertz is the #1 there in Philly with a high floor.
  4. Trying to consider trade value between these WRs Full point ppr Tyler Boyd Michael Gallup DJ Chark Will Fuller Calvin Ridley Christian Kirk Mike Williams
  5. Hard pass! Definitely giving up too much. You should be able to find a diff package like others above have listed.
  6. Give - Boyd, Kerryon, Andrews Receive - Julio, Hock, Singletary He needs an RB from byes and wire is super murky and I need a top 5 WR1. After Boyd’s last week production showing consistency. You guys still taking this trade? I have Herndon and I plan to pick up Henry off waivers so I’m not worried about Andrews. Do I just deal with having Julio and Ridley then try to move Ridley later? 1pt PPR My Team QB - Watson WR - Boyd, Gallup, Ridley, Fuller, Williams, Deebo RB - Kamara, Bell, Kerryon, Coleman TE - Andrews, H
  7. Ya I do like the upside for Hock too but I would have to still stream Knox since Hock is on bye. Unless we set the trade up to finalize for week 6.
  8. Definitely the best player in the trade. I could potentially add Williams instead of Gallup. Then move Ridley for something later.
  9. Initially traded my Mike Evans, Josh Allen, Breida for Bell so I feel real weak at WR. He countered my previous offer with: Give: Kerryon, Boyd, Andrews, Gallup Receive: Julio, Kirk, Singletary Considering Kirk is only missing 1 week I still feel it is a little steep since I’m high on Gallup and am thinking to swap my Ridley in the trade for either Boyd or Gallup since I’m receiving Julio. I believe Herndon will be good and I can always snag Henry off the wire. I’d have to stream Knox this week. Thoughts? 12 Team Full PPR My
  10. I don’t think so bud. Even after another decent game from Evans I still would do the deal for Bell. Evans likely had his best performance against NYG. Bell has yet to and will be a PPR God once Darnold returns. He’s workhorse if I’ve ever seen one and his target share is insane. 20+ Rushes and 8 targets?! I’ll take that upside anyday especially with how murky RBs. Allen was also my backup that I snatched off the wire as I have Watson starting. So it was basically an Evans for Bell trade.
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