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  1. So you defend Nunn and trash people for dropping him, then go here and trash Holmes? Is someone in your league closely watching this thread or are you just a hater. IMO Holmes will be a hold longer than Nunn will be.
  2. damn, he really doesnt want to play with cockmelo
  3. I could've sworn I started everyone at the beginning of the week, but for some reason he was benched when I checked. I was pretty mad till I watched the game. Now I'm thinking it's divine intervention that benched him for me. Thanks God.
  4. his back couldn't take it anymore when they signed Melo.
  5. lillard out tonight. Melo gonna eat boys! 3/10 fg 3/4 ft 1 3pointer, 10 pts, 3 reb, 1 a**, 0, 0, 1 TO. Book it
  6. I dont want playoff P, I want regular season P
  7. we might mistaken him for the Lord tonight. 3 steals 2 blocks
  8. He is a liability at 3s, but unlike Ben Simmons, he will actually attempt them. He's shooting 2.2 a game, albeit at 0.5 makes per game (21%). He'll never be a reliable 3 point shooter, but if they're going to leave him open, that's good for us because he doesn't really hesitate when taking them.
  9. i traded wendell carter and nunn for myles turner. Needed the blocks upside since wendell doesn't want to do it this year. Wish good things on Nunn, just not too good where I look like an idiot.
  10. Put in the fact that Dragic and Winslow haven't both been healthy at the same time. Maybe one is always injured, but when they are at full force his usage may be less. I still think his minutes will be in the 30s. My expectation is 1.5 3s, 15 pt, 2 reb, 3 assists, 1.8 steals which is still valuable for a waiver wire pickup.
  11. I stand corrected lol. He's playing well now. I just hope Spo gives him 30 a night with everyone back
  12. sadly I think so. gonna get much muddier when winslow and herro are back. it's seems like he's trying to make the right play, but ends up getting TOs and bad shots.
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