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  1. I agree with everyone else. Jaquizz if no Martin, then Woodhead
  2. You’ve got a couple more days to get better updates on JuJu so if they say he’s playing, I think you have to go with him. However, I do like Roberts now that Crabtree and Cooper won’t be there to mess things up.
  3. For maximum point efficiency, I’d go with: RB-Ajayi WR-Baldwin Flex-McKinnon
  4. Goodwin. Zay has trouble with drops, plus there are others to throw to in Buffalo.
  5. Pick 3 J.Crowder @ Dal D.Bryant vs Was N.Agholor @ Sea R.Matthews vs Hou M.Goodwin @ Chi Standard Scoring League.
  6. 1. Matthews (if he can get and stay healthy) 2. Coleman 3. Parker (2 and 3 can go vice versa) 4. Benjamin (if healthy) 5. Maclin 6. Williams 7. Gordon (he’ll get busted for possession or fail a drug test.....again)
  7. Philly. That Seattle secondary is beat up. Plus those week 15, 16 matchups for the Eagles look really good
  8. Dez vs Wash AKA Josh Norman OR R. Matthews rocking a questionable tag but a nice matchup vs Hou OR M. Goodwin at Chicago I’m pretty much sold on not starting Dez. He’s been a bust all year.
  9. I’d go with Cooper. The “no fly zone” has been lifted
  10. Funchess. Cause that’s who I’m starting as well and I don’t want to be the only one pissed off if he is a bust
  11. Hooper?......best guess. I don’t like any of the 3 this week
  12. Howard and Martin. Look for garbage time yards and TD’s. Olsen. If he’s playing, start him. I don’t trust Davis, even with Matthews unlikely to play, they still have Walker to throw to. Clay, too much of a chance he gets hurt again in the first half
  13. Hyde. He’s going to see more touches than Mixon.
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