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  1. he's gotta be back after the ASB, fingers crossed
  2. As Booker owners, would you guys deal him away for Derozan, 10 team, 8 category league?
  3. What do we do about this guy? Definitely seems washed up, and no where near the player he was. So cut for something on waivers, or hold in hopes he turns it around/gains an ounce of trade value?
  4. yeah forsure. I'm hating because he's been frustrating to own, and having drafted #1, expecting him to be the #1 player is a lot to ask, even though hes been top2 last 5 years. Seems like John Wall is really killing his vibe, and like you said, he's still putting up elite numbers.
  5. Dude is so bad this year. I can see him leaving the team until they find a trade. Could miss multiple games.
  6. He will play with more consecutive negative test results. R-E-L-A-X!
  7. I'd probably roll Ridley, Keenan Allen and Aiyuk. depending on Keenans health, put Aiyuk in Edit: I missed Fournette, i'd put him above Keenan and Aiyuk. Thus take the next 2 on tie break based on health.
  8. 0.5 PPR: George Kittle @ Arizona Marvin Jones vs. Tampa Bay Drop a link and ill get to it!
  9. I like Rivers over Carr as well. Rivers has his weapons. and IND rolling. The scheme has been working for him.
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