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  1. He looks like the real deal tonight. What's his story? I don't follow Memphis at all and haven't heard his name in fantasy circles.
  2. How does this guy continue to get no love from most of the fantasy leagues I'm in? Ive been able to drop him a few times in several different leagues and nobody picks him up.
  3. Made him a late round pick in a dynasty league I'm in. Total blind crap shoot, admittedly. Any more info would be appreciated.
  4. Growing pains owning him, but worth it in long run.
  5. As a Tigers fan, I'm really excited to hear the rave reviews for this kid. The Tigers farm system is finally one to be proud of with lots of great young arms. Hopefully, Perez makes losing Verlander worth it.
  6. Regardless of the ridiculous rule that over-turned the TD...THIS IS 100% TRUE
  7. Stupid ******** rules in the NFL. THAT WAS CLEARLY A TD CATCH/SCORE!!
  8. Had to use McKinnon in place of Fournette...I am disappoint.
  9. Hunt's performance yesterday helps make up for losing Fournette today (playing McKinnon in his place). Also had Detroit D yesterday. Nice to have a 50+ pt lead going into today's games.
  10. Gallinari would be up there as most annoying.
  11. I'm interested in joining once you'e ready. Cmwatts1973@gmail.com
  12. The other guy initiated the trade. He really wanted Portis/Nwaba, as a Bulls fan. I get the best player in the deal so I'm happy. Plus, i still trust that Okafor will eventually reestablish himself as a quality player. Just have to be patient.
  13. I just traded Portis, Nwaba, and Rubio for O.Porter and Okafor in a 16 team dynasty league. I believe!! Lol
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