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  1. His consistency is what you want out of your WR1..
  2. Can he be trusted to even touch the ball this week or what...
  3. Belichek does this to all young/rookie QBs.. Think he bounces back.
  4. What a horrible season this is for RBs man... Can barely get 5 pts out of em.
  5. We had a good thing going... back to not really trusting this guy. Such a low floor is no bueno... Balt is a tough game too.
  6. He's only playable vs bad defenses/run defenses... and even then it's a crap shoot.. But RB is so bad this year and this guy can get you 30 sooo you can't drop him.
  7. It was fine to keep him wherever before he was named the starting QB... ESPN should of adjusted based on that alone. They didn't and screwed up a lot of leagues this year.
  8. I mean with ESPN who knows... He might be a superflex ROS for all we know.
  9. What about this season? Not that it should matter.. some common sense should come into play in these circumstances. He isn't a TE this week period.
  10. He doesn't even need a monster game... he can be terrible and be the TE1 with no problem because he's a freaking QB!!
  11. What do you mean no? That is completely unfair..
  12. Yea this is broken.. He's starting at QB... that isn't a TE play. They need to lock him to QB only this week.
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