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  1. I'm not confident either mainly bc his production lately.
  2. this coming from a Gamecock...highly biased BUT hope you're right!
  3. IF this was standard scoring, Ivory. But it's not so he is TD dependent to match Gio.
  4. Murray, CIN D is awful. Stewarts game last week won't happen again. Ivory would be my 2nd option.
  5. Thanks for the reply, yes I tend to agree there...I just think an Ivory/KW is more likely to get the TD BUT without the pass catching. So it may all be a wash anyway!
  6. Shut down in the 2nd half last week...anyone concerned?
  7. HOU sucks. I'd be confident in the Jags point total and I may actually play both too but it'd be Dede over the likes of Jordy most likely.
  8. I tend to agree with the first reply. at flex I'd roll with KW over Hogan.
  9. This could be for all the marbles! Ivory vs HOU Gio at Minn Kerwynn at WAS
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