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  1. Hopefully this sticks. But honestly this is waaaay overdue. The kid was amazing back towards the end of last season. Even more so from the bubble.
  2. No reason to be playing this season anyways. Ditto for anyone that plays for money like myself. Keeping it short, if you play Rotisserie it shouldn't be a problem. If you play Head-to-Head ( Jesus Christ Why ), then... Yikes.
  3. For NBA age he's getting up there. Not expecting a huge decline though like for example ( thinking of someone who had 2nd round value before a rollercoaster decline ) how far Paul Millsap fell in fantasy. Just the simple fact he's a tasmanian devil / athletic freak he's gonna be relevant for a couple more seasons. Already feeling down though because he's always been such a Rotisserie format monster.
  4. The Nets went from a genuine ECF contender to a definite pretender. Very nice. Now I only get to worry about the Celtics again.
  5. Thank God the Heat came to their senses / back to reality.
  6. +. I love basketball so much, but it's so exhasting as a fan now.
  7. Harkless is doodoo. He shouldn't even be in the rotation. Hopefully he's fazed out just like Nunn.
  8. The Heat tried this Olynyk with the starters routine at least a dozen times. It's exhausting. But if they string together a few wins in a row it's whatever.
  9. I still remember the agony on Stotts face when he couldn't put anyone else in last season. That was the curtain call. The fact that he's STILL in the league is a feat of itself.
  10. The rebounds and assist might've been a typo. Switch those. But other than that, seems pretty reasonable to me.
  11. Same. I didn't want to give him a chance as a fan because of his dad. I guess that was unfair.
  12. He had PT chances last season also and didn't capitalize. But he's one of my favorite prospects. Very intriguing player. One of must-haves in dynasty.
  13. Wall fits even better on this team than Westbrook and Paul. Just cross your fingers and pray they eventually get rid of him if you're a Rockets fan.
  14. *Sigh*. Too bad he's just another star going to get the blame when inevitably this sorry franchise fail to get anywhere.
  15. See... This is false. Westbrook adapted his game towards D'Antoni's vision. He stopped taking a barage of three's. He tried AND did make it work. He carried the Rockets during the regular season last year ( especially in January ). Albeit he looked off in the bubble / playoffs. Before that, Playoff P and Skinny Jeans Durant let down in the playoffs. But he's the perfect scapegoat because of his nature. The Wizards don't have no where near the guys to compliment him. They don't even have the awareness to start Bertans ( lol? ). The Rockets we're about as close as you can
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