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  1. I'll make two threads in the off-season for Rotoworld Rotisserie Money League. The first thread is always a mock draft, then the second one is the real league. A few years straight it's been fun. It wasn't one this year because amist of COVID. It's nothing better than competing with other ppl on here. Everyone knows the players, can't get over on a newbie, etc...
  2. Seems to lock down the 4 spot since Bjelica is being converted to backup 5. He's not being a bum lately. Hmm. Still can't shoot worth a lick though, but he's providing solid service. More of a 14 teamer.
  3. Those terrible mid range jumpers has to be eliminated from his game eventually though. I trust Spo to iron it out.
  4. It'll come. The box score didn't show it, but he was so animated tonight. Haven't seen that out of him in years.
  5. Much much better as the 4th or so option. Especially in lineups where defenses can't back off the perimeter. Lots of back door cutting.
  6. Just wait until he conditions right and getting use to the switching schemes. The league is not ready.
  7. All this hollering for a team not going to win anything of note Couldn't be me.
  8. Bjelica is so out of shape ( Sacramento shape ) that he can't even enter the game. He's no use to anyone at the moment.
  9. Yeah the non-free throw anchor build is the double punt FT and TO's. Most elite fantasy players will always turnover the ball. I never count TO's as a category in 9 cat. Always punting.
  10. I honestly feel sorry for whoever in fantasy who STILL don't know to team build around him and miss out on these lines.
  11. If he's willing to just be a energy guy that comes off the bench to grab rebounds and provide toughness for 15-18 minutes a night, then it won't be any pushback. That's not gonna cut it in fantasy tho. And IRL highly unlikely. But some players can change. Remains to be seen.
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