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  1. Yeah, I don't have a definitive answer to that. His rookie year TyMont was top of the depth chart and Packers used him a TON before he got injured. Jamaal Williams was #2 on the depth chart and the slightly higher draft capital but he quickly got injured opening door for Jones who looked really good then sprained one MCL came back a few games later and sprained his other MCL (that was like week 16 so effectively ended his season). Then last year he opened the season on a 2-game suspension (stemming from a Marijuana-related arrest; idk the full details but while certainly not a positive doesn't
  2. Incomplete data, I'd assume Hill may not have taken place in the combine drills they use to derive that metric. Those numbers shouldn't be taken as gospel just as a rough barometer that allows you to compare the relative athletic profile of different players. I think its helpful in finding breakout candidates (like it has helped put guys like George Kittle who I didn't know about coming out of college on to my radar) since generally the more athletic a player is the higher their "upside". Obviously, there are exceptions to the rule, athleticism is only 1 aspect of football and particularly at
  3. I admitted LaMichael James wasn't a great comp it was more so to just prove a general point. I don't think anyone is questioning Justice Hill's athletic ability which is all burst score is a measure of (specifically I think their vertical and broad jump), he is undoubtedly a special athlete even by NFL standards. This gives him a very high upside and nobody thought Kamara would be half the player he turned out to be his rookie year but that's an awfully high standard to reach. Bench and squat numbers while measures of strength don't really mirror anything RBs do on a consistent basis. His
  4. Didn't see him play but given the numbers (even though its pre-season and week 4 of preseason at that where its mostly guys who are on roster bubble playing), price, his history and Pats being a fairly decent fantasy situation definitely worth a stab in some leagues. For those who watched some of the game or saw him play how did he look? I can't get over how bad and old he looked last year with Broncos so I thought an achilles would be pretty much the end of his career at least as a relevant WR.
  5. I'm not clairvoyant so I'm not willing to talk in certainties but Cook definitely seems at heightened injury risk which in addition to Mattison's talent and the Viking's offense definitely makes Mattison an attractive add and stash. It isn't difficult to envision a situation where Cook gets injured and Mattison takes over. I do think it'll take an injury for Mattison to do that however, I don't see him outplaying or carving out significant value with Cook healthy. I guess not far removed from Murray and McKinnon both being relevant but idk if I necessarily see that type of partnership arising
  6. My comment there was a bit tongue-in cheek. Like I admitted, Jamaal Charles is probably a more apt comparison than Reggie Bush. The player comps seem quite algorithmic and scientific, have you seen Kelvin Benjamin's comp? /s. Yes, in the strictest sense and if people are being reasonable. However, people often act irrationally especially if it conforms with their preconceived notions. I think a more balanced approach would to show not only a successful player with a similar athletic profile as Justice Hill like Jamaal Charles which represents the upside available but also a play
  7. You cut out the part where it says Justice Hill's best comparable is Reggie Bush 😉. Reggie Bush's best comparable is Jamaal Charles though so it's kind of trivial. This is strictly a physical, athletic comparison and says nothing about their football ability however, so its a little disingenuous (you picked two great athletes that also were great football players) especially since there are countless combine heroes who have amounted to nothing. I don't deny Justice Hill is in impressive athletic tier, that's part of what makes him an attractive option but great athlete doesn't directly transl
  8. I don't think Justice Hill is real lead back material especially in today's NFL where even guys who probably have the ability to play all 3 downs no longer are to keep them fresh, healthy, and to get a specialist in for them in certain situations. Reggie Bush has been the popular comparison but I think its quite generous as Reggie Bush was a generational talent and while Hill's a similar tiered athlete with that track speed I don't think he is nearly the same caliber football player Reggie Bush was coming out of college and looking at the tape he doesn't use that athleticism as effectively as
  9. We've heard this story before. It's frustrating for A.Jones' fantasy stock that he's effectively back to square 1 but I think he's the much better talent than Williams and given the offense and his high ypc he doesn't need to be a 20+ carry per game 3 down workhorse to be valuable. In fact you don't even really want him to be that guy given his health history. I think if you look at the tape it's night and day between Jamaal and Jones. His only "saving grace" was his pass blocking chops and I think that was even exaggerated especially relative to Jones who I think at least at one point was gra
  10. I can't deny Edwards played very well once Lamar Jackson took over however, bringing in Ingram and spending a 4th rounder on Hill doesn't appear on the surface to be exactly a vote of confidence in him. I also, don't think he's more talented than the 2 backs they brought in and his production was very much a product of the scheme/playcalling and probably in part because teams (like I'm probably guilty of right now) underestimating him and focusing on the more headline catching LJax. Ravens were definitely an extremely run-heavy side last season and I expect them to be among the league leaders
  11. I think you make some solid points in the rest of your post however, that's looking at what they did last year. The picks they invested into Brown, Boykins and Hill seems an awful lot to invest (especially all 3 in same draft) for what would amount to luxury players which is sort of the way I interpret your stance on these guys from the above sentence. I think it might show a signal intent of what they want to remake the offense to be more of for this season (and the future). Logically it seems arguably more plausible that while what they did last year worked they felt it wasn't really s
  12. I agree its tough to gauge and I think a convincing argument could be made for any of these guys to be first and for some drop them out of the group entirely. Aaron Jones: I think he has one of the higher upsides of the group given his talent and him looking very much like a RB1 when Packers finally seemed to trust him after dealing away Ty Mont. This is in a year where Rodgers didn't really look himself as he was hobbling around on one leg so with a healthy Rodgers and the offense fully humming the value is really there as it typically has for whomever happens to be Rodger's RB
  13. The upside definitely isn't great but the risk is extremely low because he's probably free (in fact I may not even consider him except for deeper leagues since his upside does seem fairly bleak). He doesn't seem like any sort of special talent but it doesn't take much to look better than Barber last year and the hope he gets dump off passes underneath is probably more attractive than any potential carries. Arian's squeezed some decent numbers out of Ellington so maybe there is an outside shot he can do similar with this dude.
  14. This sounds like Dolphins wanting to offload him and doesn't necessarily indicate Texans have any interest in acquiring him. I mean at a high level he is a RB and they lost Miller who was a RB so it could make sense at that really high level but Duke Johnson and Drake profile as roughly similar RBs. You would figure they'd want more of an early down power back to get those tough short yards (and they sure are tough with that o-line) to complement Duke but for the right price maybe Houston thinks Duke and Drake together can be dynamic enough elsewhere to make up for that. I guess Miller wasn't
  15. The way I see it Mattison will struggle to carve out top 40 RB value while Cook is healthy (I think Cook is the more talented runner and receiver and Mattison struggled to break big plays in college so he likely won't be too productive w/o decent volume) and very slim odds to straight up jump him on the depth chart. However, given that I think he's a solid RB who can do a little bit of everything and the Vikings are higher-end offense I think he could be a RB2 if Cook gets hurt. However, when Cook gets healthy again I think it minimally turns in to a RBBC likely with majority of touches going
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