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  1. Jacksonville is 30 against the run. Teams do not throw on them....LOL
  2. I’m thinking of benching him for Duke Johnson in ppr. He just doesn’t seem to be the same dominant player he has been in the past. This could all change of course if he has a monster game but not sure if that’s wishful thinking.
  3. Duke would be a no-brained if he was used like we think he should be used. Cleveland coaching staff seems intent on feeding Crowell regardless of effectiveness.
  4. Not sure I understand this logic anyway. If Kizer can get Corey the ball the other team may not stack the box and would open things up for the run game.
  5. I chose Gordon over Coleman for upside too.....choo choo!
  6. Do you guys feel confident Flash will be more productive than Corey Coleman?
  7. You guys think Coleman will be the preferred option when Flash comes back....I don’t.
  8. Another Winston owner here and was thinking of dropping Winston for Teddy. Picked up McCown and was considering streaming McCown and Cutler for the rest of the season.
  9. Agreed. How come they don’t just declare him activated or not?? When is the deadline to activate him for tomorrow.
  10. Both guys had longer threads on rotoworld than the impact they had on the field. Dede seems like he should be a beast like Danario but something isn’t right if he’s not being activated.
  11. Reminds me of hyped players from the past like Danario Alexander or Dorrel Beckham Green.
  12. If he was as promising as we think (hope) he is wouldn’t he be activated even if he needs time to be brought up to speed. Not looking good.
  13. He’s 26 and a beast. He’s not 34. He’s been playing football his whole life. I would not be shocked if he came back and feasted right away. I lost Beckham so am rooting for him to be a difference maker. On 12 team leagues where the end of the bench is filled with players like Crowder, Cooper Cupp, Paul Richardson, Robbie Andersen - all serviceable options but to me it’s a no-brained gamble picking up FLASH GORDON!!!!
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