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  1. Are you suggesting that Deebo Samuel is the better receiver? Because it's obvious to anybody who actually watches that Aiyuk is the superior player. I like Samuel as a playmaker but he's nothing special as a pure wideout -- and is hurt often.
  2. I'm not confident he'll make the right choice. Just hopeful thinking, but Wilson is a good fantasy play this week either way.
  3. Less but only slightly. Obviously Kittle helps take away coverage but tough to see Aiyuk racking up 14 targets in that scenario. Though he certainly deserves them -- in his last five healthy games, dude is the third highest scoring WR (PPR).
  4. Confident in Wilson no matter Mostert's status. Obviously much prefer for Wilson to be the workhorse but he can still eat in a time share -- and SF would have to be crazy to turn around and give Mostert a full (or even full-ish) workload right now.
  5. If they crush the Falcons and he just hands the ball off and dumps a few passes he is not going to score as many fantasy points as he would if he got 7 rushes, 3 catches and a few passes. Simple math really.
  6. I was more excited to start Taysom at TE when I thought his gadget role was going to be super charged. If Saints start him at QB I could easily see 14/21 for 135 yards and 40 rushing yards. Would be cool to see him and Jameis split time at QB, with Hill being used all over the field even more than usual. That way he could rack up rushing and receiving numbers while also mixing in for QB production. Still a great play at TE this week but it might be a bit tougher for him to put up meaningful numbers if he drops back at QB every snap.
  7. No it's not. Extrapolating data off 11 attempts tells us close to nothing. Would be much better to look at his college stats.
  8. Not really. Hill is an explosive athlete and will open up additional running lanes. He's more than capable of checking down to his RB's. Perhaps this lowers Kamara's PPR ceiling just a smidge but it's far from a nightmare scenario. Relax.
  9. He wasn't spotted yesterday either before ultimately getting a "limited" tag. Looks like the Saints are letting AK rest up a bit especially with the other injuries the team is currently dealing with
  10. He's so freakin' tiny but an explosive athlete and sure handed receiver out of the slot. Could be a security blanket for Tua and definitely worth a speculative bench stash
  11. It's not magic but rather the right thing to do. Cancelling and rescheduling games for a couple of minor illnesses every week makes zero sense. The NFL should be safe and follow all precautions but other than that play the damn games.
  12. Slot receiver + bad team is a great recipe for fantasy success just look at Jamison Crowder. Hamler could have a workhorse role down the stretch
  13. Hill's touch total by week: 4, 2, 3, 4, 3, 1, 7, 8, 8. He's scored 10+ points in two out of the last three games. Looking doubtful that Taysom gets the start at QB but you can certainly make the case that he deserves more touches going forward. Dude has looked like the Saints second best player in recent weeks and that's with MT back in the fold.
  14. More production is on the way. May not happen against the Rams but the matchup with KC in two weeks could provide fireworks. When TB returns from their bye in Week 13 they play Minnesota, Atlanta Detroit...I know it was tough sledding for many of us Evans drafters -- but if we make it to the playoffs he might just save his best for last.
  15. It's not nearly as simple as Brady spreading the wealth. Evans is not fully healthy and does not mesh well with Brady's game or philosophy. The hope was that he would be produce a poor man's Randy Moss '07 type of season. Those hopes went out the window with Evans' early season injuries, Brady's refusal to pepper him with targets and now the inclusion of Antonio Brown. It's a mix of negative factors that's unlikely to lead to consistent high end production under any circumstances. As he starts to get closer to 100 percent Big Mike will put up some big games but the stinkers will be there even
  16. He's secured fantasy value over the next 3 weeks at least. His role has been low ceiling but productive in recent weeks and there could actually be excitement here if Giants utilized Gallman correctly with at least a few targets per game. Nice stash and certainly worthy of flex consideration for the time being
  17. Within this current 3 headed fluster cluck I like Pope's game the most. In his only real action this year he looked fluid both on the ground and in the receiving game. Not a real surprise as he showed workhorse ability his Senior year in college when he recorded 1800+ yards on 229 touches. Ballage has a solid profile but has been a role player since he was a teenager and has been uneven at best in the NFL. Pope figures to be the third down back/sprinkled in on early downs while Ballage and Kelley duke it out for the grinding. If those roles materialize this week, Troymaine has the clearest pat
  18. He's the latest Undrafted running back to get a shot with the Niners and will likely be active tonight against the Packers. Never topped 600 rushing yards at Rice but produced as a receiver and kickoff returner. Walter's probably slated for special teams -- though he could see some looks on offense if McKinnon's legs don't wake up.
  19. 12-15 touches for 50-80 yards and solid chance at a TD. He's a nice flex play if you can stomach the "risk"
  20. As we all wait for tomorrow's game to give us some clarity I will throw out my predictions...Tevin Coleman gets the ceremonial start -- Hasty leads the way on early downs with 14 carries for 50 yards, 2 receptions 19 yards. Coleman in on third downs, 40 total yards and 3-4 receptions and good chance of scoring at least one TD as the goal line back. McKinnon mostly on the bench might see a few touches. I believe this is the most likely outcome, though could also see a Tevin Coleman feature back F-U shanahanigans type of day.
  21. I'm a big fan of Hasty's but if we're betting on talent that goes to Mostert easily. He's always injured so the door is open -- but when healthy it's not a competition between him and any other RB on the roster.
  22. That's kind of what I was getting at bro. If Coleman catches 6 passes tomorrow I'm hitting you up for lotto numbers
  23. Were you just mashing random keys here? Would love to know how you came up with the receiving stats considering McKinnon will still be involved in pass catching situations. Btw, Coleman's career high for receptions in a game is 5 and he did that in 2016...
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