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  1. Definitely should be owned if you need 3s and pts. Good percentages too. This end of season thing does seem to be his MO, doesn’t it?
  2. Injuries man, injuries. Jjj, ingram, nurk, d rose (duh), dinwiddie for a while, lavine, levert, van vleet, now j rich....forgot a few others, but finished in 1st regular season in spite of the injuries only to be left scramblin this week during the semis and REALLY struggling. Lesson - basketball players get hurt alot and at the worst possible times for fantasy.
  3. After losing jjj and ingram post asb and now lavine, nurk, and j rich, methinks the fantasy gods conspireth against me!
  4. Not sure why the guy who had him dropped him, but was happy to snag him after losing Nurk last night. Here’s hoping for some DJ DNP rest games in the near future!!!
  5. Gotta talk about him after tonight’s performance. Obviously no Conley is the reason, but this kid had some big games for the tanking hawks down the stretch last season before injury, if memory serves me correct. 29 pts w 9 assists and 5 threes can’t be ignored, can it? Or just a fluke? They really have no reason to play Conley anymore, but I’m guessing Dorsey is only a pickup if we hear that Conley is officially getting shut down, and nothing thus far indicates that happening anytime soon.
  6. Yeah, not a definite hold, but certainly worth owning while getting 20+ minutes a night. Giles injury could help his value for however long Giles is out.
  7. Depending on who’s available, the guy has been worth owning for the last 2 weeks, even with bagley going ham.
  8. If I didn’t have a bye and needed to fill a roster space for both days, most definitely.
  9. After losing JJJ and Ingram, it sure was good luck that a team not even in the playoffs dropped Bagley and I somehow got him off waivers with the 12th waiver priority. Guess guys were sleepin? I’ll take it. This guy is a phenom!
  10. Brunson, Shamet, and SGA too! Is Huerter a rookie? One of the strongest draft classes I can remember.
  11. I picked him up again with it2 falling out of the rotation and his minutes back in the mid/high 20s the past 2 games. I dropped Moe Wagner, so not a difficult decision to make there.
  12. Stupid injuries...hanging onto 1st place barely, but lost the following guys or had to dropat some point for the season or big chunks of it. levert portis jjj ingram mitch robinson also been dealing with lavine, rubio, and dinwiddie. Aggghhhh with these injuries already!
  13. Starting to pick it up again....time to add before an explosion? Debating dropping Giles or Bjelica for him before Bagley returns.
  14. Yup....grabbed him, but last night shows that the lakers are still going to play their guys big minutes until the last few games. Could be a hot championship week streamer.
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