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  1. Damn it guess I'll just go with Bagley to be safe
  2. Does anyone know if Boucher matches up well against the Hawks tonight? Did he get big mins last time they played? Need to know if I should start him today or not
  3. Y'all must be out of your god damn mind if you think he's gonna stay healthy playing 40 mins a night. Did y'all forget he's coming off a ruptured achillis 🤣. Sell high is the move trust me
  4. Traded him for nurkic a couple of weeks ago...and I'm playing against him this week🥺 feels bad man
  5. Raps fan here.. Len wasn't playing anyway so doesn't impact Boucher at all
  6. Kawhis has a degenerative quad tendon..this is way less serious lmao
  7. Did anyone watch the first half? How did this happen? 🤣
  8. He should have 8 assists atleast, but there's still plenty of time left. Can he get the trip dub 👀
  9. I'm holding as well. He's shown flashes of his potential in the past. He just needs to build his confidence up and get to 30mpg. He's talented enough to get 20 and 10 and I think he will get there eventually.
  10. Traded capela for him today and not feeling too good about it so far
  11. You guys think he keeps up this production? Once jimmy and Dragic get going I feel like their won't be enough ball to share. I'm selling while he's hot
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