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  1. Well had plenty of time during quarantine so decided to open a YouTube account, still in the learning process and I believe can do better in the future with some time and practice but wanted to know what u guys think about this best starting 5 for each pick https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=q4AtcUK19QE still miss the top 20 to do will take some time and after I’ll go with some analysis about draft prospects hopefully I will improve around that time haha hope u guys can give me some reviews if u have time
  2. Sorry did it twice can someone delete one
  3. I got an offer for A.Gordon but not sure if ti do it, I quite like the stats A.Gordon + Lamb + Dieng X P.Geroge + WCS + J.Jacskon Shall I do it?
  4. I got an offer for A.Gordon but not sure if ti do it, I quite like the stats A.Gordon + Lamb + Dieng X P.Geroge + WCS + J.Jacskon Shall I do it?
  5. Is a 16 team Roto and I have the first 4 guys in the list, I was punting Assist during my draft so not very interested in the trade but would like to see what u guys suggest me since there is Dieng who atm have 0 value i think George will get more Value with the season going forward and was choose in top 20/25 I don’t remember exactly I was reading about Conley and maybe 2/3 more weeks which is not that good since I have already Gobert out atm i got Bledsoe for Teague after Bledose stoped playing for PHX the rest of my team is Gobert
  6. Gordon at 44, was planing to take him next round, in my real draft I got him at 72, the draft was in early September
  7. Round 3 1. v1n5anity - Joel Embiid (3.1) 2. Del Rio - CJ McCollum (3.2) 3. chaiway - Marc Gasol (3.3) 4. unluckyshot - Hassan Whiteside (3.4) 5. superjew - Brook Lopez 6. TOAA - Blake "Brussels Griffon" 7. Kaboom - Kevin Love 8. Code of Hammurabi- Serge Ibaka 9. Sup1234- Klay Thompson 10. Jake the Snake- Goran Dragic (3.34) 11. Trench Mob - Otto Porter Jr. (3.35) 12. BetterCallHinkie - Bradley Beal (3.36) Round 4 1. BetterCallHinkie - Al Horford (4.1) 2. Trench Mob - Gordon Hayward (4.2 - 38 3. Jake The Snake - Paul Millsap (4.3 - 39)
  8. Round 2 13. BetterCallHinkie - Myles Turner (2.13) 14. Trench Mob - John Wall (2.14) 15. Jake The Snake - Chris Paul (2.15) 16. Sup12345 - Kristaps Prozingis Team Snake PG: SG: G: SF: PF: Kristaps Porzingis F: C: Rudy Gobert C: UT: UT: Bench: Bench: Bench:
  9. never saw Turner at 13, my only concern is that if Indy is not playing good hope that will not affect Turner numbers
  10. I'm ok even with the same numbers, improving all of them is quite difficult since REB and BLK are high already, I hope Just a few more points up to 16/17 will be already great, of course if he improve the FT% than become a very good choice
  11. I was thinking about Leonard but let's see what I can do with Gobert
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