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  1. Last time I was around something like this was that Josh Gordon season. Devante Parker will feast on that awful jags secondary which is even worse with no Jamal Adams.
  2. put him in my flex to teach him a lesson. Bengals this week and Cardinals next week...pls Odell do not kill me.
  3. I’ve seen Carlos Hyde and Raheem Mostert gash the Ravens, I just still don’t get why they having Plodding Frank Gore out there to close games. I doubt buffalo is milking clock in any of these next 3 games tho so should be fine.
  4. I think he will be fine in all honesty but I will just be wincing everytime he’s touched or even high fived by someone.
  5. no Jamal Adams next week? the stars are aligning
  6. full participant today calm down boys our lord and savior is ready to roll
  7. I am also sitting Watson and starting DHop. As far as next week Chris Harris isn't scary at all to me, Diggs and John Brown had zero problems
  8. Dalvin and his playoff schedule is going to win tons of leagues i bet
  9. Dude is locked into my flex for the rest of the year idc i love him
  10. Dolphins have two safeties on IR now and a corner out. Pls fantasy Gods
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