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  1. And still managed to outproduce Jonnu, Higbee, Kittle, Cook on the season. Are we on the Engram thread?
  2. I wouldn't bet on the Giants making that huge of a leap in the aerial offense. The defense is still by far the best unit, and as most of the defensive teams, they are going to rely massively on their running game especially since the OL is way better in run blocking than in pass protection. I doubt that the Giants ends up in the top half of the league in pass attempts when the season ends. Also, although it's a minor detail, they're the kind of team that trust their ST and Jason Garrett definitely didn't prove himself as a creative mind with his NY offense. Don't expect to see DJ take that man
  3. He ended the season scoring as many fantasy points as Lock for the Broncos on the last 4 games (QB #11). Yikes, and you compare that to king Henry's end of 2019 season... You completely missed my point. Anyway that's why I avoid drafting Giants players, wishful thinking & homer bias is really dangerous fantasy wise.
  4. As you put it yourself without really saying it, a 5 ppg disadvantage on a cherry picked selection of games that favors him isn't really an indicator of "I want that guy as QB1" If i'm drafting a QB this late in the draft, it's either a QB2 or I'm streaming QB. It's too early to talk about the latter, and a pocket passer in a rush first offense isn't the kind of upside i'm looking for for my QB2. What i'm looking for is a year 2 Mahomes, or a year 3 Allen, Mayfield is a fine QB to reach for if your league went crazy on QB during the draft in the early rounds and your target is gone while
  5. Anyone is disappointed after their 1st round pick is injured, which is the only way Barkley will disappoint his owner. If you can predict which player of the 1st round is going to tear his acl then why didn't you give us the full list already?
  6. Idk why do you list Peart/Solder as additions to the team. Solder comes back after a sabbatical year, the last season he played had him rank in the bottom of starting tackles in the NFL. Peart played last year and showed some potential but nothing groundbreaking. Meanwhile we lost Zeitler who has been our best lineman the last 2 seasons, that we replaced with a FA who's barely at a starter level. Maybe Sewell or Slater falls to us at 11, but it's doubtful. Daniel Jones is the same pick as the last 2 years, a backup with upside if you are desperate at QB.
  7. The eagles just started a rebuild, their roster is in a pretty dire spot, same as their cap space and they have a new coach. Expectations will and should be pretty low for this eagles team in 2021. Not saying he will be bad fantasy wise but there are reasons to doubt
  8. That's a nice tier 2, but it's like you forgot Adams & Nuk existed
  9. Yeah definitely hyperbolic, as a non english speaker I struggle with nuance.
  10. Yeah, he's doing his best to be seen as the hero of the team, even if his choice are clearly not the best option. This kind of behaviour will probably be rewarded by an mvp title and career shortening injuries. Imho, Hopkins is wasted on that team.
  11. How's JT not even seing the field anymore. Reich must have caught him jacking off to picture of his wife or something like that
  12. Beside 2 games, he always cleared the 10 pts in ppr, Wilkins has 1 good game, Hines has 2. It's more than likely that he had his worse game of the year and gets back to 10+ pts sooner rather than later. If you can trade or drop him for something better than sure pull it, That's decent enough for a 4th/5th/6th round pick
  13. You compare him to Henry while conveniently forgetting Henry rookie year with people calling him jag too because he wasn't used as the primary back from the get go.
  14. According to people, every one is under utilized in this team. It's just not an offense that generates a lot of opportunities, probably the 2nd worse offense in the league
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