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  1. In a must win week to make the playoffs and Jacobs, Sanders, M Thomas and Hunt all lay duds.
  2. I'll one up you. I have that same trio as you but, I also had Swift on the bench out with a concussion.
  3. I think he also got some (or at least 1) redzone looks this last game as well.
  4. Well said as this is my exact situation. He was a WW add for me so, I already had good WR's that I drafted (M Thomas, Diontae Johnson, Tyler Boyd, DJ Chark). It's a nice problem to have but, it can be a challenge trying to figure out which ones to start. So, saying "start your studs" is too generic of a statement.
  5. And that Oline has been decimated by injuries this year. They are only now starting to get some pieces back healthy.
  6. I sooo want to start him but, I don't think I can risk it without knowing how they will really use him. If I wasn't in such a tight spot to make the playoffs then I might.
  7. This signing initially got me concerned but, with Clement being put on the COVID list, I agree, I think this was a depth signing.
  8. My QB woes continue: I pickup Lock (who I dropped the previous week only to have him go off). Lock busts (in a great matchup) and Stafford (who I dropped), goes off in a bad matchup. Then, just when Swift gets the starting job, he has a midweek concussion! I pick up Winston this week at QB and now Taysom Hill is the starter. I pickup Hill (great) but it comes at a cost because he more than likely brings down Michael Thomas' value. So frustrating....
  9. Already dropped him for Hill. I would have kept Winston if I had the bench space.
  10. Does anyone have a clue about Hill's skills as a passer? I can't recall if I've ever seen him attempt a pass.
  11. I was feeling ok with Winston at QB but, I'm feeling a quite nervous about MT's production with Hill at QB. It's hard to bench him (for me that is) [...]
  12. I play in a Yahoo league and he doesn't have TE eligibility. If he did have TE designation in Yahoo then yeah, no brainer.
  13. Who has the courage to start him this week? The matchup is gold but, I'm in a must win week. I'm on the fence.
  14. I agree, he looked good. I don't understand when coaching staff limits a player to a one dimensional role when they have the skills to do more. Hopefully, they expand his role as a pass catcher.
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