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  1. 2 minutes ago, StevenSC400 said:

    anyone dropping him for his bye week? 

    Considering it now that I acquired Njoku. If Amari Cooper gets traded he becomes a little bit more interesting but the offense/Carr is way too inconsistent for my tastes. I didn't watch the game at all but I've been told that Cook had some wide open looks that Carr either didn't see him or was too busy getting sacked to get the ball to him... the opportunity is there. But man, Carr is terrible.

  2. 19 minutes ago, AnchorDown said:

    Regarding trade value, I just finalized a trade for him--Breida for Cook full PPR. Literally everything he has done this season has given me confidence in his outlook, but yes he's still Jared Cook and it's not likely he finishes #1 after not getting close his previous 9 years in the league. Still, these TE breakouts do happen to veteran guys. Barnidge and Watson probably the most recent examples. With how weak the position is this year though I'm happy to have an investment in a guy that should finish top 5..

    TEs are mostly system dependent as well. It could simply be Gruden's scheme happens to match up perfectly with Cook this year.

  3. 11 minutes ago, Jaw1 said:


    He has been disappointing in the past but the guy has always been talented and had elite games surrounded by a ton of duds. Has he ever gotten 8 targets like he has been getting and led his team in targets, catches and yards (even over only a 4 game span)? He is being used like the WR1 on this offense and my hope is this sort of value will raise his floor and make those big games more frequent.


    I'm not an owner but I'm considering trading for him.

    He had 700 yards last year and 2 TDs... he's already got 380 this year and 2 TDs (could have easily been 4-5 TDs). Also he's almost got half of last year's targets over 4 games (86/35) and half of the receptions (54/26). Catch percentage is up from 62% to 74%. With numbers like this I've gotta think it's a lot to do with a scheme that is built to funnel passes to him. IIRC he's got a pretty favorable ROS schedule as well. Could be a Delanie Walker type season in that he finally is in the right place at the right time to break out.


    Edit: Also he's a go to receiver in the red zone, seems to have taken the vacant Crabtree role. Things could obviously change but right now there are only a few guys who are playing better than he is.

  4. When I'm at the bottom of the WW order, I just get guys because people up top tend to "hold out" for the season changer. Took a shot at Cook at #8 and got him. I decided to do so after reading this article, which a brief skim didn't show me anyone else had posted yet:




    Sounds like TE is going to be a HUGE focus and he delivered on MNF. 15 total TE targets. This was different than in years past when he would just catch 6/6 targets and go for 100. He was PEPPERED with targets. I've never been a Cook guy in the past, but man he was playing like a man possessed out there. If this is indicative of his use going forward, sign me up.

  5. 20 hours ago, jimithing11 said:

    I'm holding due to playoff potential


    how many times do we see backup RBs go off (for whatever reason) in weeks 14-17. Fondly remember starting guys like Hughtower or Denard Robinson past few years.


    i could see a scenario where Mack gets extended run in late a December that could help us 

    This is what I'm thinking. Also David Johnson's rookie year. All we need is 3 good games out of him at that point. 


    Also does anyone know if he's now the kick returner?




    Could be a solid RB2/3 (e: in return yardage leagues) if that ends up being true...

  6. 9 hours ago, trolltoll said:

    The hype train was actually going before the season started. I didn't even know who EE was until I clicked on his name in this forum. After reading everyone's analysis on here I  took the risk and waited on TE, drafted him in both my leagues round 13-14.

    For reference, the last time Gronk made it to the championship in my leagues was 2010 or 2011. He is almost never worth taking over a RB or WR unless he falls to the third or fourth round. Guys like Engram and Ertz were late round picks or free agents and will probably win people leagues.


    Waiting on a TE/streaming is the way to go.

  7. 1 hour ago, Anteater99 said:

    The offense is dog s--- dude. Hope he does well for your active roster but he's to the bench for me for now. Hope I am wrong but it seems like his opportunities will primarily come early in game. A limited window. Packers will almost always be trailing. He doesn't get goal line carries. Rotoworld called him an rb2 vs Chicago, i say good luck. Again hope i am wrong. Want him to be startable but I can't barring a game vs terrible team. And I am not convinced he is the guy anymore anyway, like he was 2/3 weeks, when he got like 90 % of touches. Unless he can block its more like 40 tops. Unless he can block its ty and Jamaal simple 

    I say he's still a hold... he was great against the Saints before the bye. That said Rodgers being gone definitely hurts everyone on the offense. Such a shame because I thought Jones had a lot of potential this season.

  8. My league has been plagued with god awful trades this year and there has never been any kind of veto system. In the past there have been a small amount of questionable trades but this year is a completely different story.


    For instance AJ Green just got traded straight up for Melvin Gordon this weekend. Before that Hopkins was traded for DT and Forte (pre-Watson injury). A few weeks ago Ameer Abdullah was traded for Cam Newton and Lamar Miller. 


    The Hopkins trade isn't that bad but many people in the league had a problem with it... the rest just do not fly. There have been many fair trades as well but IMO it really undermines that integrity of the league when trades like the above are allowed. Time to institute a veto system?

  9. 19 minutes ago, SkinsChargersFan said:

    I was so close to dropping them for the Lions this week due to Detroit being past the bye with a great upcoming schedule... wow, am I glad I held.


    Next two weeks @Titans and then bye... I assume everyone is holding?

    I'm holding unless I have the Jags D. Even then I'd probably still hold them and play matchups. They've put up double digit points in 5/8 games with three of them being 20+. Only real concern is the offense but it appears to be getting better each week. 

  10. 16 minutes ago, seanismorris said:

    Go for the title!


    If someone is desperate for RB help, and you’re set at RB...


    And, if they’re will to give up a WR1, do the trade.


    You already have Gurley who is currently the #1 in PPR.


    There is no way to know if Jones will be equivalent to a first round pick (next years draft)

    by the time this years done.



    This is the boat I'm in... currently have Fournette and Ingram with DJ on IR and I have been shopping him all week.

  11. 20 minutes ago, Bluecore said:

    I really just think that a lot of people thought they were drafting the second coming of Antonio Brown on draft day and that mindset explains a lot of the saltiness on the guy. His box scores have been completely acceptable in PPR all season. Standard I can see why you'd be upset but you're not missing that much value based on where you drafted him. 

    Eh, I think a lot of us went into it expecting the same old Cooks but hoping for the Moss 2.0 upside. IMO he was one of the "safer" 2nd round picks but I would definitely not reach for him in hindsight. He's been pretty good though and so far has only boomed once. Could be a 2015 Doug Baldwin type finish to the year if we are lucky.

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