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  1. Hyde, Ajayi or Aaron Jones. I'd go Ajayi since the volume will 100% be there. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/676475-wdis-rb-and-flex-pick-3-whir/
  2. I start planning for keepers week 1 and adjust from there. It's how I got Jordy for a 15th round the year he was injured, similar to OBJ this year. Favor high upside rookies on the WW (Mack, McGuire, Mike Williams, etc) or under-performing studs that people have dropped. In short, I always try to have several stashes on my bench unless your team sucks and you think you won't make the playoffs. One year I was eliminated very early and just started tanking for the next year and the first draft pick. Made some high upside "next year" trades then ended up winning because of those deci
  3. 12 team .5 PPR RBs: Ingram, Gillislee, Abdullah, Aaron Jones, Henry, Elijah Mcguire WRs: Cooks, Hilton, Sanders, M Bryant Starting Cooks and Hilton at WR, need help for RB and flex. Leaning Ingram, Jones, and Abdullah.
  4. Abdullah gonna at least give you RB2 numbers with potential for RB1 numbers against a soft defense. I wouldn't risk it with Ty. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/676464-who-do-i-drop-for-a-kicker-whir/
  5. Gillislee has the best TD chances in that group. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/676464-who-do-i-drop-for-a-kicker-whir/
  6. JuJu will give you probably 5-10 points if he scores. Williams has a higher ceiling but could also do nothing. I'd go JuJu.
  7. I'd go Brown. He's been getting a good number of targets over the last few weeks and I'm not sold on TyMont splitting the load with broken ribs. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/676464-who-do-i-drop-for-a-kicker-whir/
  8. Murray since we know what his role is. I like McGuire as a Jets fan, but Mack could also blow up. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/676464-who-do-i-drop-for-a-kicker-whir/
  9. DT and Jones for me http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/676464-who-do-i-drop-for-a-kicker-whir/
  10. I dropped Cohen in one league for a WR replacement. He's never going to handle the load and you are relying on him being heavily involved in the passing game. Not a lot of upside there IMO. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/676464-who-do-i-drop-for-a-kicker-whir/
  11. Picked up McFadden at the expense of a kicker earlier this week, hoping for more clarity on the situation by now. So I have to drop someone, but who? RBs: Ingram, Gillislee, Abdullah, Aaron Jones, Henry, McFadden, Elijah Mcguire WRs: Cooks, Hilton, Sanders, M Bryant Leaning towards McGuire or McFadden here. E: 12 team .5 PPR
  12. It's been 3 years since Morris had 1000 yards. I mean, honestly no one knows what is going to happen; he's as good a lotto ticket as anyone else.
  13. Yup, he didn't start until week 7 (after the week 6 bye) and was tearing it up! He only had maybe 150-200 yards in the first 5 games on limited touches, but was a beast when he got the start. Only thing missing was more TDs but he got a ton of yardage.
  14. I mean, he was a low end RB1/RB2 that was a WW pick up after like week 6... so yeah he was good.
  15. No idea, McFadden was great in 2015 though... Last time Morris was good was when Kyle Shanahan was working his rags to riches RB magic in 2014.
  16. Again, that is with Zeke in the line up. If the suspension holds nothing up until now matters much. Maybe they thought Morris was a better compliment to Zeke than DMC? Maybe they were telling the media something different than what their plans were behind closed doors? If they really thought DMC sucked why even keep him on the team? There is also a possibility Morris will be the guy. I'm not saying there isn't. But you can't take what the coaches are saying in a situation like this at face value, especially since the situation has dramatically changed since week 1.
  17. No it doesn't. He said they were only going to have three active RBs and they felt Morris was the better guy to have in that situation. If Zeke is out that changes everything. E: We literally just went through a similar situation with Jamaal Williams and Aaron Jones. Just because he's not active or playing doesn't mean anything if the guy playing like 90% of the snaps is out.
  18. Yeah honestly I would bet RBBC but I think either guy is worth an add... like drop a kicker or someone for them.
  19. ??? This is the quote you are referring to back at the beginning of the season? That is almost meaningless.
  20. Popular theory is NY is very pro NFL and it has a small chance of going through.
  21. I'm sorry, what comments to the media? When has Garrett said anything about who would be the starter in the event the suspension holds up?
  22. Yeah you can't really go off of the official depth chart for things like this. I mean, look at the Aaron Jones situation as a perfect example. It's strange that we haven't been hearing ANYTHING about who they plan on using though... a lot of the experts seem to think DMC but there's not been any good reports that I have seen.
  23. Popular theory is they were expecting the suspension to come down later and didn't want to take any chances but honestly no one knows. It's not like Morris has been doing much besides that long run on a busted play. DMC is just as good of a spec add as Morris at this point.
  24. Why wouldn't they just line him up in the slot or as TE and create mismatches? I know McAdoo is terrible, but the whole point of a dude like Engram is the insane mismatches he creates against most LBs and safeties. Think of how hard it is for those guys to cover Gronk (not that Engram is at the same level)... does anyone ever put their top CB on him?
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