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  1. I think everyone is reading way too much into the snap count numbers. Don't they run 3 WR almost exclusively? IIRC they have in years past and if JuJu is the WR3 on this team it makes sense. These guys play completely different roles in the offense anyway, I just don't see how JuJu is going to take his job.
  2. Not really, it's just that when they are down they will have Riddick in which takes away snaps/potential points from AA. Riddick had 4 catches for like 50 yards last week. Plus Zenner vultured him at the GL again.
  3. Yeah but that seems like more of an outlier than the norm.
  4. Yeah I get it in keeper leagues. I grabbed him the other day due to injuries; just not sure he has a ton of value in redraft right now. Also the quote everyone was freaking out about is taken slightly out of context.
  5. Don't want to get into a WDIS thread, but as of today I'm rolling with Ingram, Aaron Jones (if TyMont is out again), and either Emmanuel Sanders or Gilly/McGuire in the flex depending on how the practice reports go today. The AA matchup is good on paper but it's a home game for NO and their run D has actually been OK outside of week 1. I just expect NO to go up a few scores early and turn it into a Riddick game.
  6. That's the thing though... has Ben ever really supported a legit WR2? He's had guys like Sanders, Bryant, and Wallace who were nothing more than WR3s with WR2 upside.
  7. That's not necessarily true. He used to rotate series between Lacy and Starks back when Lacy was a 1000 yard rusher.
  8. Sounds like a lot of you guys are panicking... taken from a Reddit user who listened to the interview:
  9. I'm telling you guys: Jones is the Freeman, Ty will be the Coleman. It's uncanny how similar they both are to the ATL backs. Jones is almost a carbon copy of Freeman.
  10. Yeah... that's the problem. If they start getting blown out early it's Riddick time. That said, I don't think they defend the run well and IMO Detroit is a decent matchup for them on defense. As of now I'm benching him for more "concrete" options.
  11. Anyone selling into the Mark Ingram hype? Got a guy wanting to buy and I'm not sure if he's a sell/hold or what his value is.
  12. Also the Vikings have not been impossible to run on this year; Abdullah put up almost 100 on them.
  13. Be that as it may, they still have a good defense statistically speaking. They've held everyone to under 100 yards... and that was without Garrett playing.
  14. He's the only RB worth rostering on the Jets beside Powell. Not sure why you think he's JAG, he's looked pretty good this season and looked very good in preseason. If you're going off the Browns game, keep in mind that the are somehow a top 5 defense this year and 5th against the run.
  15. He absolutely does... check out his college tape. He was basically UTEP's entire offense. If you watch the Dallas game he could have had a bigger day receiving because he was open on a few plays (one for a possible TD); Rodgers just went elsewhere. It's also possible that they didn't quite trust him as a receiver until he made that ridiculous catch. He isn't as good as Ty, but he's still a really good receiver.
  16. He's not going anywhere, but he's not going to get the volume he has been getting either. Really he's better on limited touches anyway. I would guess 5ish carries and 5ish receptions when he comes back unless Jones faceplants before then. There's also always the chance that Jones shows he is actually an elite RB in the next couple of weeks too (long shot, but he could always pull a Kareem Hunt or Jordan Howard). At this point though I would bet Jones is at least the early downs/clock killing back and Ty would be third downs/hurry up ROS.
  17. If one of those TDs goes to Ingram I think it's a different story. I like AK but so far he's been pretty TD dependent unless you play in full PPR.
  18. I agree, I'm passing on him currently in redraft I think as I already have Jones, McGuire, and Henry lottery tickets... but he potentially has a lot of value in keeper/dynasty. But he's as good a stash as any especially if Gore goes down.
  19. He's like a better Theo Riddick IMO. My main take away from watching his tape is how slow he is out of the gate... he was on turf and he still looked slow. Meanwhile Jones looks like he was shot out of a cannon. Also Ty has poor vision. Rewatching the video there were several plays that could have gone for potentially long gains and he's getting stopped at or behind the LOS. And honestly, are we really touting ATL as an elite run defense? They are averaging 93 yards/game vs the run... and they are the best run D the Packers have played so far. Seattle is 25th this year
  20. I watched it and he looks bad running the ball. A better RB would have made a lot more of his touches on the ground. What has always stood out to me with him is when he has the ball in space he's very good. But as a runner he is mediocre. If GB was smart they would assign him the Tevin Coleman role: 5-10 total touches a game including receptions. Give Jones the Freeman role.
  21. Man, at some point though they have to give the young guys a shot regardless of his health. It would be a different story if he was 29 or 30 but he's 34. They aren't going anywhere with Frank Gore.
  22. Kaepernick single handedly won me a championship last year in a two-QB league so it is definitely possible to win with guys like him. Plus he has a pretty good schedule until after the week 9 bye. Could be a good Luck replacement if he remains the starter.
  23. He's actually not that far off from where he was this time last year; only like ~50 yards less. I fully believe that if Brissett had started week 1 he would have had a good game considering how bad the Rams have been against the pass. E: He's not getting double digit targets but he has been more efficient so far: 64% catch rate vs 58% in 2016.
  24. He reminds me a bit of Kaepernick last year; if he can have a solid 15ish point floor with potential 20-25 point games here and there I will take it.
  25. GB's offensive philosophy is everyone not named Aaron Rodgers is replaceable. If Ty is out until the bye and Jones keeps on posting 100 yard games and 5ypc do you really think Ty is the guy when he comes back? I will concede that if Jones flops against the Vikings it's anyone's guess but going into week 6 I really don't know how anyone can say with a straight face that Jones hasn't blown Ty out of the water on the field. Jones: 32 for 174 and 2 TDs over 1.5 games Ty: 46 for 152 and 2 TDs over 3+ games Again, receiving is a different story but it's not
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