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  1. This guy worth a start for streamers? IIRC he has looked decent (fantasy wise) every time he's been on the field. Solid floor with rush yards and a Houston D without Watt and Mercilus.
  2. Yeah initially he wanted OBJ for McCoy two weeks ago when we were talking and I passed. IDK about Hyde, he's probably a good buy low though. I'm inclined to just stay put and see what happens with with Ingram, Jones, and McGuire. What would you pay for Hyde in that scenario?
  3. 12 team .5 PPR Currently sitting at 2-3 but "could be" 4-1 with better roster management. Anyway, RBs are a mess right now looking to do a 2-for-1 My WRs: OBJ (RIP), Cooks, Hilton, Sanders My RBs: Ingram, Gillislee, Abdullah, McGuire, Aaron Jones, Henry His WRs: Watkins, Fuller, Kelvin Benjamin, Jaron Brown His RBs: Zeke, Hyde, Shady Zeke and Shady on bye with Hyde banged up... Some combo two of Ingram/Gillislee/Abdullah for Shady an acceptable offer?
  4. Yeah, I've gotta think that they reworked some of the offense during the bye. AK is a weapon for sure but there were times that the offense as a whole just looked bad. Any news on the oline injuries? That was one of the other big factors that was limiting Ingram IMO.
  5. Anyone selling after this game? As much as I love TY, the remaining schedule looks awful after the TEN game and he has to face the Jags twice.
  6. What is the going rate for McCoy? I feel he is a decent buy low going into the bye and a soft ROS schedule.
  7. Gaping holes?! You can't be serious. Are you watching different tape than I am? A lot of those runs he created his own space through good vision and quickness. I get that their defense sucks but gaping holes?
  8. FWIW, the Jets and Pats typically have at least one of their games that is close and another that is a blowout. IMO the Pats D is still awful and they really should have lost that TNF game (saved by Folk missing 3 FGs). Doug Martin was running at will on them on limited snaps. If Powell and Forte are out/limited, McGuire is a good play for potential volume, garbage time, and the Jets are probably going to try to control the Time of Possession if they can. Realistically I think they are going to get stomped but they have a good chance of pulling of the upset based on history and th
  9. You're saying he's a game changing talent out of the backfield and I disagree. His receiving production was 100% due to volume. Plus if you go back and look at his game logs he really wasn't getting that much work as a receiver outside a few games last year; his first two games were back to back 10 catch games... beyond that he was only getting 3ish receptions for 15 yards or so a week with a couple of exceptions. To start the year he was getting a lot more receiving work but it was because he was seeing a LOT of targets. In the Cincy game he had like 12 targets that he turned into
  10. That's being incredibly generous to Ty. He's only had the one game against the Bears last year that he was actually good in all facets of the game (maybe the Falcons game this year?). Obviously the Packers don't feel he gives them much of an edge as they blew 2-3 draft picks on RBs this year (can't remember if Mays was drafted or not). I'm not going to argue that Jones is a better receiver but they like him as a runner without a doubt. There were a few 3&1ish situations yesterday that they just gave it to him for a first down. Can you imagine them letting Ty do that? It's gotta be a relief
  11. Who knows how it plays out, but I think they would be crazy not to run Jones after what he has done the past two weeks. Everyone is severely underrating the Bears run defense and it is significant that he got 50 yards and a TD against them in a more limited role off the bench (the field after the rain was in awful shape too). I know the Cowboys have a garbage run defense without Sean Lee but it is also significant that he tore them up on the ground in his first NFL start. In other words he is at least meeting or exceeding expectations of a normal starting RB in the NFL. I'm curiou
  12. 205? He's listed at 209 and has likely put on muscle since then. But again there are plenty of bellcow type that have those metrics... Devonta Freeman is one (listed at 5'8", 206), MJD was another (5'7", 210)... even Barry Sanders (5'8", 200). He can handle the load. E: There are also guys like Jamaal Charles and Beast Mode who are an inch or two taller but similar weight. He's right in the range for most bellcow type RBs. Bigger guys (6ft+ ) like TyMont and David Johnson have been outliers but in the end I'm not sure the size matters much unless you are Tarik Cohen sized.
  13. That's a bad argument. There are plenty of good RBs that come from schools like UTEP... look at Kareem Hunt just this year as an example. Matt Forte went to Tulane and he is one of the best in recent memory. The important thing is that he was tearing it up no matter who they played. E: David Johnson went to NIU... another good example.
  14. Again, he is probably this year's Jordan Howard. We'll see how it pans out against a better defense (MIN) next week, but they can definitely be run on as Ameer Abdullah put up almost 100 yards against them. I'm not ready to crown him just yet but he looked very good running the ball although I don't think they are quite ready to trust him as a receiver. There were a few times that he was wide open on Sunday and Rodgers went a different direction. The one catch he DID have though was ridiculous and I think garnered a lot of trust going forward. Guy has skills for sure.
  15. You were saying? Hate to be that guy... but told ya so
  16. HOW DARE YOU! Jets haven't actually looked horrible this year on offense. Also I recall reading that Dwayne Allen looked bad all preseason and camp so IDK... seems like a risky start to me.
  17. No. Miller or Kroft IMO. Miller has been OK and Kroft looked good last week. Allen is bad. Maybe he'll do something tonight but I would bet that he's not much of a factor.
  18. We've got waivers but they don't lock until kickoff... seems like that is the most common setup? Never played in FAAB before but from what I understand don't you still get a free agency period?
  19. ASJ and it's not all that close really. McCown loves his TEs and the Browns are giving up a lot of points to them this year. ASJ could also turn into a reliable starter in the event Gronk misses more time.
  20. Yeah I've made other plans... If you're looking for a quick and dirty add off the WW, Austin Sefarion-Jenkins is like 90% available, has a plus matchup, and has been getting 5-6 targets in the last couple of games.
  21. Edit: I'm dumb, I thought this was the Gronk thread.
  22. Maybe, but I don't know how you can say that when he was a factor last week off the bench against a stout run D. It makes no sense. I have no doubt Rodgers will sling it but if TyMont is out and Williams is limited Jones probably has 10-15 carries against a defense that can't stop anyone. If he has the backfield to himself he will be involved; it remains to be seen if they trust him as a receiver but they obviously trust him as a runner. There are plenty of RB touches up for grabs for fantasy production without TyMont and not all RBs need 20+ touches to be good.
  23. Dude, TyMont was getting 20 touches a game. Between Jones and Williams they will get 20ish. They gave Jones the ball 14 times last game. I will be shocked if they don't get 15-20+ combined touches. If Williams is still not fully recovered from his injury Jones is getting 15 touches.
  24. You guys act like they've got a bunch of scrubs in the backfield. When they have RB they will run 15-20 times a game. It remains to be seen if either guy is good but they are not as dangerous of a team if they don't run. They're going to go to Cobb over Jones or Williams? Are you kidding? I agree that they may not use either RB out of the backfield as much but Jones is was a very good receiver in college and ran like 12 routes last week. Williams isn't a great receiver as far as I can tell but he's good enough to catch dumpoff passes. I have a hard time believing that the RBs won'
  25. Personally, I don't think Darnold is very good. I would be much happier with a guy like Mason Rudolph who actually has good mechanics.
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