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  1. Tank talk is overblown. Plus you can still tank and have a good running game. Look at the Bears last year.
  2. Just coming here to post that. I still say Jones is a good hold with blow up potential. If you HAVE to drop someone then sure, but I think you have to at least hold onto him until we see what happens this weekend.
  3. Haha... that is exactly what I figured. I don't know much about Gallman as a prospect and I hope he does well but fantasy wise I'm going to take a pass. Thanks for the replies.
  4. Jets fan here... most of us like this kid and think he should get the starting nod with Forte side lined just to see if he's the real deal or not. I've rostered him where I can. Check out this analysis for why he could be legit. Those cuts he makes are INSANE. I'm not really sure who to compare him to but he's potentially got the goods. Also our oline isn't elite or anything but it is not bad. He could potentially make some noise due to injury, "lost season" (ala Howard last year), or by pure talent. Keep in mind it was against the Jags, but he showed flashes in preseas
  5. I have an inquiry regarding the offensive line. I know they are probably just awful but is there a chance that they really aren't that bad and just look terrible due to the RBs back there? I just remember everyone disregarding Howard last year because they thought the line sucked when in reality it was Langford. Probably grasping at straws but I'd be curious if anyone has any analysis on this.
  6. TyMont is practicing in pads today so we will see. I'm still not convinced that he's going to play more than limited snaps but I think Jones is still worth holding in the event that TyMont does play and the chance he makes the injury worse. At the end of the day he's just a lotto ticket like most other WW adds are. For every Jordan Howard there's several Dwayne Washingtons. You just never know how it's going to shake out until after the fact. If Jones does something we all look like geniuses, if he doesn't it's back to the drawing board for the next potential WW gem.
  7. Sounds like Jones to me from what everyone has said about him and the first team reps last week. But time will tell. Either way, Rip shouldn't really be a concern for fantasy relevant production. Although I have no doubt he'll vulture some TDs from whoever is in the backfield like Kuhn used to do to Lacy.
  8. I mean he was in for like one or two plays before he got injured so you don't know how that would have turned out. But what did happen was Jones came in played well and after the game everyone was talking him up. Smart money is on Jones. Also I feel like people are forgetting that before TyMont went down, they were running Jones with the first team in practice that week. So that tells me that he is at the very least the guy they feel is TyMont's back up and who they will turn to if he misses time. Beyond that, they could also feel like TyMont isn't getting it done on the ground lik
  9. It's like you guys aren't even reading the arguments. I've given you plenty of examples and reasons as to why you have to read the depth chart differently when it comes to things like this. Could Williams prove me wrong? Sure. But look at literally all of the tape on these guys as well as what the coaches and players are saying about Jones. Jones was brought in to back up TyMont; they have a similar skill set except some people think Jones is better and had potential to be a late round steal in the draft. Williams looks bad on tape and is a completely different type of back compar
  10. Not gonna get into a war about how much I dislike TyMont as a RB... BUT I will say the reason people are hyping Jones is because his touches all looked very good on tape. First career carry is a 3rd&1 and the guy is moving piles of Bear defenders for a first down. The TD run was a thing of beauty and there was a few times he should have been stopped for a significant loss but turned it into gains. I am obviously biased here but I think if you guys watch the tape you should be concerned and at the very least as TyMont owners try to pick him up in trade or FA as insurance.
  11. The "take the job" stuff comes from NFL history. If he's better than both TyMont and Williams he will take it at some point when he gets the opportunity. Unless you are an elite talent (which TyMont certainly is not) then your job is never safe. There are examples of this every single year. I mean, look at Kareem Hunt; did anyone think he would be elite if he got a chance? Or DJ in 2015? Howard or Ajayi last year? I'm just saying he looked good in his time vs the Bears coming off the bench and he's getting praise from the coaches, players, and beat writers. He's got an opportunity
  12. Maybe I'm crazy but if I'm BB I'd start playing a more ball control style of offense that features the run until the defense can prove it can stop people from scoring at will on them. I think he's still a hold because he's the only back on the team that can be a bellcow type.
  13. I spent #1 priority on him last night for this reason. Could it be a waste if like Lev Bell goes down next week? Sure. But the waiver wire add could never come and you could miss out on a TyMont rental for a few weeks with potential to take the job.
  14. Yes they do... all the time. This is a fallacy. Coaches get paid to win and they want to win. They will play their best guys most of the time. It's how randos like Jordan Howard and Jay Ajayi become RB1s out of nowhere. MM is no different. Look at literally last season for evidence of this at the RB position. The swapped out like 3 RBs before settling on TyMont: Lacy, CMike, and I think another guy. For fantasy purposes you are looking for a guy like Jones in a shaky RB rotation to prove himself and steal the job. Could he bust? For sure. But he could also be the league winn
  15. This is a bad argument I keep on seeing here and elsewhere. The depth chart is meaningless after the #1 goes down. If you look at my post on the last page you will see that just last year Howard was #3 on the depth chart behind some scrub even though he out performed everyone in the preseason. In this case it looks like their plan was to have Williams be complimentary to TY in the backfield. It doesn't necessarily mean he is the starter if Ty misses time. He is also #2 because he is a good pass blocker and there are game flow situations where they want him instead of the starter.
  16. My waivers don't process until 6pm tonight but as of right now I'm blowing my #1 on him as I don't really see any RBs over the next few weeks that will be coming up unless someone drop Coleman, Henry, or one of the other big names. The only other guy that is on my radar right now is McGuire with the Jets but I don't think he's worth #1 this week.
  17. I will believe it when I see it. Honestly it really sounds like these dudes are terrified that Jones is gonna take their jobs. Also they aren't practicing in pads so it doesn't really mean much. Even if TyMont plays IMO Jones is still a hold; the chances of him making it through the game unscathed is relatively low.
  18. I am probably going to roll the dice out of desperation and funsies... plus Dallas is getting torn up on defense this year. High risk/High reward play IMO. Also I don't know why everyone is concerned about Williams. That is typically an injury that you miss a game or two. Why would they play him significantly if they don't have to? Plus I don't think they like him that much but I could be wrong.
  19. Hello everyone... first time, long time and I've been following this Aaron Jones thread so I decided to join up for discussion. I've got a few comments regarding the last couple of pages: 1) The concerns about TyMont and his "size" for the RB position are bogus... the better argument is his running style and the fact that he's a WR to RB convert that just happened halfway through last year. IDK why people think he's going to be a better runner than guys who have been playing the position with great success since HS and college. 2) If you go back a year ago and look
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