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  1. I think after this year I’m going to draft WR 1st and 2nd round if I pick at 6 or later.
  2. Higgins had a great rookie year, with Burrow healthy again next year, I’m going to try to draft this kid again, I wonder what his final stats would have looked like if his QB never got hurt. After Burrow went down I had to drop him as he wasn’t as trustworthy anymore. Can’t wait to see what he does next season.
  3. 10 team full PPR, 6pt Tds, 3pt bonus over 300yd passing/100yd rushing/100yd receiving. Started in Championship QB: Kyler Murray RB: David Montgomery, Fournette WR: Devonte Adams, Aiyuk TE: Logan Thomas Flex: Lockett K: Tyler Bass Def/St: Bears Bench: Goedert, Julio Jones, Gurley, Drake, Hines, Hurts Rams D
  4. Personally I’d play Lockett over Beasley
  5. Hurts, Bowden, John Brown coming off IR, worth checking if he’s been dropped, other than those guys, maybe Fournette, Jeff Wilson if your in a deep league and need a guy who will get some work due to injuries.
  6. Stanford may be out this week, so Jones wouldn’t be my choice, Lockett and The Beas are a toss up for me, either can hit the roof with points, or have a mellow 8ish point game. Flip a coin.
  7. Hoping to sit Lockett this week, dudes always been a roller coaster. I still don’t hate the idea of starting him, I would rather not if I don’t have to though.
  8. Guess with him we have to wait until Friday to see what his status is, hopefully he gets a full practice in this week somewhere to clear it up early. Somehow I doubt it though, I don’t think he’s had anything other than limited practices all year. I been filling in for him with Lockett, but would love to have Julio for the playoffs.
  9. Man... Wentz is just ignoring Goedert. i spoke too soon, finally
  10. I have Hasty and McKinnon, Coleman is on the wire, I took a goose egg from McKinnon last week. I don’t know how anyone is starting any of these guys this week with confidence. If SF would have just reported McKinnon as injured last week things could be easier, I have no idea what’s going on there. I’d bet whoever I might pick to start will be the bench warmer.
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