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  1. Robinson still there and a minimal at best QB improvement. Still an interesting late round dart throw I think.
  2. The only scenario where he got a workhorse role this season was if every other RB was injured. The Cardinals were obviously going to draft or sign another RB.
  3. James White comparisons are a bit irrelevant. I don't think we've ever seen James White on an offense that has 3 great WRs, 2 (3?) reliable TEs, and 2 other serviceable RBs. How often do we expect the Bucs to be down multiple scores and opt for checkdowns over deep shots? I'm avoiding this backfield like the plague.
  4. Still a stud when healthy and given decent volume. Steelers line and pass/run ratio did him no favors last year. Cardinals would be a pretty decent landing spot and he would only have to compete with Edmonds for volume early on in the season.
  5. Every strategy works if you don't draft busts. Zero RB and Zero WR "strategies" are just confirmation bias. People who swear by zero RB aren't going to let you know when they have a bad season.
  6. Some of Simms QB Rankings the previous years for those interested 2018: 1. Jackson 2. Allen 3. Mayfield 4. Darnold 5. Rosen 2019: 1. Kyler 2. Lock 3. Haskins 4. Finley 5. Stidham 6. Daniel Jones 2020: 1. Burrow 2. Herbet 3. Love 4. Tua His rankings for this draft: 1. Zach Wilson 2. Lawrence 3. Jones 4. Kellen Mond 5. Fields 6. Lance
  7. Depends how deep your bench is. He's a very interesting flier because of the Panthers weapons and the post-Gase factor.
  8. Darnold might actually look pretty good with Moore, Robby, and CMC as a checkdown option.
  9. The new OC definitely has me interested in drafting Lockett this year. There's no way Pete Carroll quadruples down on the stone age playcalling after this offseasons trade drama...right?
  10. He's the only Pats player I'm looking to draft. Good value pick and I think Cam ends up running less this season (or just gets benched permanently after a few weeks if he still looks bad.)
  11. I'm just going to avoid drafting any Pats players again, except maybe Damien Harris. It's incredibly hard to trust any of the pass catchers and I don't think Cam is going to attempt nearly enough passes to make anyone a TE1 or WR2.
  12. What is the best case scenario for Watson in this? Settling all the cases and being on the exempt list for the entire season?
  13. I can't imagine the Bengals are actually crazy enough to pass on Sewell if he makes it past the Falcons.
  14. Yep. To be honest I don't think any of Rojo, Lenny, or Vaughn will give consistent RB2 value barring injury. Probably just going to take a flier on Vaughn.
  15. Steering away from drunken bar scuffle discussion, where would you guys rank Claypool among the PIT WR? I feel like DJ is the consensus target hog and #1 option but Claypools big play threat with another year under his belt makes me think he could outproduce DJ with the TD upside.
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