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  1. Another season, another dead giveaway that Philly just doesn't want to commit to him as a workhorse.
  2. Najee is great. Tomlin knows how to use a bellcow RB. The Steelers have great WRs that opposing defenses have to respect. But the run blocking is a question mark and Big Ben is a shell of his former self that can't really throw downfield anymore. Are the last 2 negatives big enough to scare me off of drafting him in the first 3 rounds? Probably.
  3. I also viewed him as being a similar player to rookie Diggs albeit with much less opportunity. Lets hope Fields drastically changes the outlook of the Bears offense once he takes the reigns.
  4. I for one blame Tom Brady for all QB trade demand drama this offseason.
  5. Seems like the expectation is Denver and announced as a post-June 1st trade for cap reasons or whatever.
  6. Seems like he's going to be stuck doing punt returns with occasional gadget plays behind that absurd WR depth.
  7. Yeah that was a head scratcher too. I guess Miami was feeling extra risky because of the absurd draft capital they have the next 2 years.
  8. I will happily pick up whichever healthy 9ers RB is left in week 9 when half of my starters are on IR.
  9. Bengals pick was even dumber considering the beating Burrow took in his first season.
  10. He put up near WR1 numbers with Brett Hundley that one season Rodgers got injured. He has also become a much better WR since then. Not worried about Adams too much but I don't think I would take him over a Hopkins, Tyreek, Ridley if Rodgers is gone.
  11. Imagine stumbling upon a great undrafted workhorse RB and then spending 1st round draft capital on another RB the next season. Surely the Jags could have found a better position to spend that pick on.
  12. WTF? Was not expecting Jax to trade back into the first for an RB.
  13. @Gohawks The jig is up Gregg with two Gs.
  14. What would the level of anger be around the league if the Pats traded the house for him? I don't think he would want anything to do with the Pats WR group.
  15. Broncos gotta be throwing the house at Green Bay right now
  16. Now this is the draft day smokescreen that I yearn for.
  17. Rookie TEs are a never ever in redraft leagues.
  18. I would happily draft Brady at his ADP. The offense towards the end of the season into the postseason seems like what we should expect to see most of this year.
  19. Watching Cam attempt to throw to the right side of the field last season was painful. Maybe he somehow corrects it in the offseason but I doubt it.
  20. Hurts seems like a very good value pick at QB. I can't imagine the offense being nearly as bland as last season. Raegor will hopefully improve and they're bound to add another pass catching weapon in the draft. Hopefully his ADP doesn't get hyped up too high.
  21. WR3 with 1-3 monster weeks between a bunch of single digit duds. I do think he would become a WR2 if Amari or Lamb miss time.
  22. I'm all in on Amari as a WR1 and Lamb as a WR2 this season.
  23. Young WRs can overcome bad drop habits and become monster WR1s right?
  24. Robinson still there and a minimal at best QB improvement. Still an interesting late round dart throw I think.
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