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  1. Lord Covington should join the netflix series Messiah.
  2. Personally, must own in 12 team leagues. As long as you have risk appetite for FG%, TO, lack of stocks from time to time.
  3. He will be a bum in one game and then a star in another, until this season ends. Nothing new. Don't expect Nunn to win your season if your fantasy team already sucks to begin with.
  4. I think Wagner is a good pick up. Not sure if there are better options in your league. He is unavaialbe in 3 leagues I play, 2 of which I own him.
  5. Delon Wright Will Barton Kyle Lowry Kendrick Nun What a stacked brick team. Small ball is the game.
  6. Week to week - is this a promising statement? I am leaning towards dropping considering I also have Fox in my team with a long term injury. Even when he returns, he might be load-managed or something.
  7. Clarke is injured Wood might be a good backup for PF and C in Detroit Is Wood worth long term?
  8. Not sure if that is how foul works or should be perceived. Foul should be any illegal move or unsportsmanlike behavior. Although most are physical in nature, player on the receiving end being of the foul being seen as "soft" should not be the basis of the call.
  9. 3-4-5 game week for most NBA teams. Do we see anything interesting for Ish? He was flirting triple doubles before joining Wizards.
  10. Still holding, but unsure if I am doing it right.
  11. He is a last-round / waiver pick up. He came from a hip injury. Manage your expectation folks. He is doing well as far as I can see.
  12. Manage the expectation, Nunn as waiver wire pick up should not be expected to compete with the first 3 picks of a team. Although it would be nice of course.
  13. Same boat. Still undecided what to do with OPJ. 14 team-12 man league.
  14. Kemba should bomb 3 pointers to top 15 land. Efficiency should rise and stabilize, hopefully.
  15. Wow so much noise of dropping. Nunn was a waiver pick-up and folks are expecting him to compete up to 1st-2nd round picks of the draft picks. Hope the kid scores to shut hyped folks up with extravagant expectations.
  16. Wow, the Rubio of this season is really killing it. Good TO-Assist ratio, high FG%, more consistent threes.
  17. What's with his overall health condition? Any historical issues of Winslow we need to be reminded of? I drafted this guy with the other stats in mind beyond points so I hope even with Butler and Nunn, he produces enough to be rosterable.
  18. Kemba and Terry going at it. A duplex mansion on the way.
  19. I would take Drummond any day over Simmons, unless I have a certain strategic team build.
  20. Stocks stocks stocks. We are not worthy, Lord Covington
  21. Bulls leading near end of 1st half. OPJ seems good on paper, anything happened in-game that might indicate rest/injury?
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