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  1. Tonight begins his back to back before the ASB, I think he’s a good pickup just to see how these next 2 games go.
  2. Pelicans desperately need perimeter shooting. Kelly and his 22 3pt% might fit the bill
  3. Russ has always been very competitive and loves to stuff the stat sheet. He may sit out back to backs, but the wizards have literally nothing at PG behind Russ. I think this is a pretty good buy low time
  4. Anyone know how the TJ Warren replacement in Indy is shaping out? Looks like a cluster at the moment with the Holidays and McDermott.
  5. This dude is a beast, I was shocked Tatum’s ADP was so high and I got this dude in the 5th round. Really fun to own, he looks a lot more confident on the offensive side of the ball this year. And he is already a great defender.
  6. Anybody considering starting Hill and Hardman? Just to guarantee some production however it goes
  7. It’s been an honor tilting all season with you gentlemen, in the end for nothing but pain. For those like myself who have a shot in the title game, I look forward to doing this again with you all next year.
  8. I’d like to see Allen or Williams out for me to start him, just like last week. He passes the eye test for sure, I just think it’s too risky in the final game to play him if Allen & Williams both suit up.
  9. He’s carried us this far, he’s going to go off against Atlanta
  10. I’d be happy rolling out Indy against Pitt. 2 teams going in totally different directions
  11. I like Panthers and Chargers defense this week as sneaky plays. Panthers if Smith doesn’t play and Drew Lock against the charger’s good secondary seems like a positive script for sacks and turnovers.
  12. As a Hill and Kelce owner. You guys are making me nervous
  13. Mahomes MVP Kelce TE catching record Hill 20 TD’s in a season. If they are hurt I get resting them, but due to all of this I think they will play normal this week. Week 17 is a different story. Resting your starters is good, but if they rest week 16 & 17, plus bye, that’s almost 1 month without playing any meaningful football.
  14. I can probably only roster one, is Hunter or Reddish the better prospect to own? Seems like they are even right now
  15. Took him with my last pick cause of you guys, hopefully he gets a chance.
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