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  1. Started the week as the RB 12 in both standard and PPR. He may stay in the top 8 for the first half of the season with that schedule now.
  2. Jeudy makes for an interesting flex play with potential PPR WR2 upside. Adoree' Jackson being out is a big win for the Judge if Sutton can't suit up. The Broncos may want to try to grind it out on the ground, but I don't think the Titans let them with that stout D line. If Henry/Brown break off a few big TDs against the depleted Bronco's D, Lock will be forced to throw more. Fant likely being the only real competition for targets. Jeudy's sharp route running skills sets him up as a great security blanket on quick thows. The only thing making it hard for
  3. The fact that he started on the PUP, and the Patriots cut him after the Harris injury tells me Miller is not ready. Assuming this isn't an "updating the contact list" visit, it seems like he would just be a depth add.
  4. Realistically, I think maybe 70%-80% of Melvin's production with Ekeler last year if Jackson is out of the picture. If they turn run heavy with Taylor/Herbet as everyone is saying, those percentages have a potential shot of increasing, A lot of ifs, but these are the kind of leaps before you leaguemates wise up that can win you 'ships. Worst case scenario, he becomes waiver fodder. If you are depending on him to win your league, you have bigger problems.
  5. Never trust a hammy with a RB who has already stayed banged up in his NFL career. It is interesting it is now listed a hammy when it was foot related last week.
  6. Shhh I have two more dynasty drafts to go tomorrow to make it 100% ownership and need his value to stay deflated. With the news of Jackson hurting his foot today, I may have to reach for him. Kelley unfairly got stuck with the negative label "jack-of-all trades, master of none" by the fantasy community when he actually profiles as a solid RB with a 3-down skill set. Sure, he's not as flashy as Taylor or Dobbins, but not every player has to have superstar potential to return solid value in fantasy. I'm not convinced Ekeler is a between the tackle runner despite him getting ripped in t
  7. Edwards's value starting to climb with the news of Williams hurt.
  8. Statistically, most good RBs break out their rookie year at the ripe age of 21...same age as CEH.
  9. No doubt I end up taking him, but they are fair questions to ask. With a pick that early, you have to take the 2019 lenses off and see the possibilities for this season. As you said, the quality can start dropping quickly near the end of the 2nd, and if your 1.01 pick busts, your chances at a ship drop dramatically.
  10. You aren't the only one. It makes me nervous everyone just automatically assumes he is the 1.01. Completely new offense and a team that doesn't look like it will be remotely competitive down the stretch has me thinking real hard about where to go with my draft. After all the touches he got last year, will the team still be committed to feeding him so much near the end? That first pick will get in your head sometimes.
  11. https://www.arrowheadpride.com/2020/8/21/21395797/clyde-edwards-helaires-hype-train-is-backed-by-first-person-accounts
  12. I agree with this sentiment, but I can't bring myself to give you a like due to the gif. As someone that worked with him, Coach O is the worst. Just to give an example, he is one of those guys that almost exclusively refer to themselves in the 3rd person.
  13. If anything, that may improve JuJu's stock. JuJu lived on YAC, and if Ben can't air it out, there will be plenty of short-intermediate passes for him to gobble up out of the slot.
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