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  1. I can see the argument for avoiding him in the second round of 2021 because obviously a lot has changed after this year. But I would have gladly taken him in the second this year. My early second round pick was mixon who I picked over jacobs as an example did barely nothing all year and to make it worst clogged up my bench all year long just in case he came back. With that said if there weren’t so many injuries and let’s just say hypothetically all the RBs were healthy all year long. He would have probably finished at like RB 13-15 or in that high end RB2 range. He is definitely a do not draft
  2. If that’s the case yeah. He could be a value play where it’s worth the risk. But either way it still feels like a trap. He might be worth the risk after pick 36 or so. But I just don’t see him dropping that far. People will probably jump on him around pick 25.
  3. He’s going to be a huge trap next year. Cohen comes back and takes quite a bit of snaps and Nagy goes back to being Nagy for at least the first half of the season to show his genius. This bears offense is rinse and repeat every year.
  4. Yeah but we’re all just making educated guesses here. Just like when we go back and forth about starting which players every week. We don’t know what’s going to happen that game till the end. But we are all making an educated guess to what will happen. Ranking guys is no different. When I see someone like Zeke ranked at 25 and AJB ranked at 22. Even though I don’t know for certain what’s going to happen next year. To me it’s a no brainer to roll the dice on Zeke because he should return better value based on his history.
  5. I was looking around online and yahoo came out with an early 2021 fantasy football rankings and they have AJB at pick 22. I like him a lot but not at that price. If you have time and really look at that list there’s so many better value plays to be had. They got Dionte at pick 38, they have Julio at pick 43, they have Zeke at pick 25 lol. I mean when you look at the players being drafted after him his value is pretty much gone at pick 22. Again these are early rankings and can change but it’s good to see the players that are ranked around him and there’s just so many good options around that r
  6. I was just curious and looking around online and yahoo has an early 2021 fantasy football rankings list already out. CEH is pick 47. So I’m not the only one that is thinking this way. In my opinion that’s great. Because he becomes an excellent value play at that point. But he’s not a value pick at round 2.
  7. I mean that’s not a bad take. But bell also had no offseason, training camp or pre-season. He was also traded to the chiefs mid season and had to learn a whole new system. He basically cut into CEHs workload right away. Then after the whole world saw how bad bell is Reid still kept giving him significant snaps. And then he also kept D Williams in the mix in 2 min drills and some other scenarios. So either Reid is playing mr nice guy and doesn’t want to bench guys or he doesn’t care about the running game at all. He just wants to hand the ball off a handful of times a game to give the WRs a res
  8. But most teams don’t play them as often as Andy Reid does. Did we not learn anything from this year? CEH wasn’t having a monster season but he was doing fine before bell got there. I think he was around #8-10RB or so. Definitely playable in any league. As soon as bell came in everything changed. If you don’t think Andy Reid is going to play Williams or bell next year if they stay then I don’t know what to tell you.
  9. I’m not saying he will drop that far. But if either Williams or bell are still there that caps CEHs upside tremendously. So people can draft him in the second all day long but it won’t be me. I wouldn’t touch him till round 5 at the earliest. If those two are gone like I said in my prior post I’d target him around pick 24 or later.
  10. Forgot about Williams. If either bell or Williams are still there next year definitely do not draft for me unless he drops super late say round 5-6. But if they are gone. Arrow can only go up from this terrible season.
  11. I was down in this guy all year long. But it’s mostly because bell was there. Andy Reid wanted to be mr nice guy and give everybody touches killing the production of CEH. But if bell is gone next year which he should and another year of knowing the offense I would take my chance on him again. Obviously not in the first. But if somehow this guy drops to say pick 24 or later I’d roll the dice again. These are the types of value plays that could win the league.
  12. So some people seem to be really focused on targets with brown. How he can’t do it with so little targets again etc. Who says he won’t get more targets next year? This was only his second year. He was banged up in the early part and probably not 100% the whole year. I think that’s one of the reasons Corey Davis finally did something this year. Sooner or later the Titans are going to realize they aren’t going to win the super bowl running all game just like the ravens especially with their terrible defense. At some point you have to be a more balanced offense. The Titans were the number 2 team
  13. That’s your opinion. In my opinion it doesn’t matter how stacked or not stacked teams are you still have to pick the right guys to start and the playing field is equal in either scenario. Just like my opinion is why play in PPR and get participation points? So guys like AJ brown get criticized for his low “volume” but your regular average WRs like crowder or Robinson go 5 for 50 get a free ten points and get praised for how “great” they are doing. Either way what makes a league competitive is how good your opponents are in fantasy football. Not whether your league is 16 teams and PPR or 10 tea
  14. Well he wasn’t healthy for most of the year either. Even his last game he looked hobbled running on and off the field. Those are just one of the many reasons he probably won’t go top 24. But if you can get him pick “35-40” in standard or pick “40-45” in PPR there’s some upside there. I can’t talk for PPR but in standard he should easily finish top 10 if healthy and playing every game. I personally like him a lot more in standard. Only thing that matters is yards and TDs. So if he’s producing I could care less if it’s on 10 catches or 5 catches. He has true breakout potential next year.
  15. Pre school leagues lol. Ok. League size doesn’t mean anything. You can have a 16 team league with people that don’t know what their doing. Or a bunch of skilled players in 10 team league and tell me which one will be harder. Good luck next year in your “respectable” 12 team lol.
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