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  1. Haven't seen a Season Outlook for Jimmy yet. Any doubt surrounding his production this season?
  2. Dude just offered Harden for Blake and Hayward. What do y'all think about that?
  3. I'm terrified of the idea that Butler won't produce the value that's expected of his ADP (22) and think that Hayward is in a better situation to produce better stats. Griffin > Conley is a no-brainer considering that I am in an H2H Points League that excludes FG and FT. Should I go through with this trade? Or am I wrong for doubting Jimmy G Buckets? Team is below
  4. With Batum out, Monk will have an even bigger opportunity to start. Although Jeremy Lamb is expected to start at SG, I'm still not sold on his production in the preseason.
  5. Such a wonderful player, but after owning him during the 2015-16 season, I promised myself to never draft him. Remains a shut-down candidate towards the end of the season and fails to stay on the court.
  6. Dude is the epitome of a high-risk high-reward pick this year. Well, it's either him or AD.
  7. @ShopHeirlooms, LeBron in a deal for Bledsoe? Take that deal ASAP.
  8. So far, Oladipo has looked phenomenal. He'll definitely improve on the numbers he posted last season, without a doubt.
  9. Definitely, agree with Purple Hippo. The arrival of CP3 won't decrease Harden's assists numbers as dramatically as people think.
  10. Derrick Favors is a huge sleeper for sure thanks to his disappointing injury-plagued season last year. With Gordon out of the picture, he's going to have a much bigger role offensively. The only concern about Favors is that he can't stay on the court. He's a great bargain since his ADP is around 110-120.
  11. Watching the game right now and he looks like an absolute natural. 19, 6, and 1 in 21 mins.
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