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  1. Looking to add another team. I only play ESPN free leagues, but I am an active and knowledgeable owner. I would be willing to take on a project team if needed, and would almost prefer that just to mix it up a little. I like H2H leagues, but would play whatever... I just want to have a team where I can launch a rebuild and experiment with some things.
  2. I will take a team. connorsoxfan@gmail.com. Seattle Mariners.
  3. I am looking to take on an ESPN team in a dynasty/keeper league. I don't deal with services other than ESPN, so I'm looking for a league that even does the offseason draft through there. I also would like a league that has enough teams and a large enough bench size to warrant stashing prospects, but that's not a requirement. I don't care where the team is at, I don't mind a rebuild or competing now. I am an experienced and active fantasy owner. If you have an opening, or want to start a league, let me know.
  4. I am starting a dynasty league on ESPN. Once we get the spots filled we can establish a draft time. I am using a relatively basic scoring system, and I was thinking of going with a larger lineup to simulate having an actual team. We’d have a deep bench as well to encourage prospect stashing, and a few IR slots to deal with injuries. Comment below or email connorsoxfan@gmail.com if interested.
  5. connorsoxfan@gmail.com. Interested in any of those choices, assuming the ones with worst draft choices are more competitive. I’m flexible and willing to rebuild or compete now.
  6. I am looking to start a dynasty league on ESPN. It would be free, and we wouldn’t worry about a salary cap, but we’d have a large roster to accommodate prospects and long term projects. I don’t know much about how to run the offseason amateur drafts and such, so I’m also looking for a co-commissioner to help with the off ESPN aspects. I’ve got years of experience managing normal leagues, and I understand how ESPN functions work, but please reply here if you are interested and we can try to get something going.
  7. Sounds great if it’s still available. I try to stick to ESPN so my options are relatively limited for dynasty leagues. connorsoxfan@gmail.com
  8. I’ll take the Brewers. connorsoxfan@gmail.com. What service do you use?
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