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  1. Probably, and (un)lucky for me, I own both Jrue and PG13... ;(
  2. I'm still hanging on, but the thread is so thin...
  3. In any case, he should be given the INJ tag already by now.
  4. https://yahoo.uservoice.com/forums/206157-fantasy-basketball/suggestions/42640393-paul-george-should-be-designated-inj
  5. Y'all in Yahoo leagues, pls help me vote in the Yahoo user voice forum:
  6. Exactly, where is the INJ tag, Yahoo!????!!???!!??
  7. Dropped to use his spot for streaming this week. Wasn't getting the stocks anyways.
  8. Bogdan, cos he's injured and will probably be quite some time.
  9. Depends on who is coming back sooner? White I head has 4 - 5 weeks more to go... I would drop Hachimura.
  10. I dropped J-Rich too for Maxey's 5 games without the core starters, if that helps.
  11. Any chance he'll get the INJ tag in Yahoo? Losing 4 games played for the week will be brutal...
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