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  1. +1. So if 8 teams are on bye that means 24 teams, say at least 2 startable receivers (likely more) per team which is 48. That’s 4 startable WR per team in a 12-team. We have 3 WR and a flex in our 14-teamer. That’s fine. Sorry you aren’t going to have a stud at every position.
  2. Zeke owner here. I started feeling a lot more nervous yesterday and traded for Pollard in my 14-team work league. For those who care: I gave up Curtis Samuel for Pollard and Darren Waller (TE premium PPR league). I didn’t want to give up Samuel, but he was my 8th round pick which seems to be about where Pollard is going.
  3. Let me start by saying I think Aaron Jones is being overrated. Yes he has upside, but he has also yet to play through an entire season. I think he has better than 50% to get injured in 2019. Especially if his workload increases. Honestly I think he is at his best around the 15 touch mark per game. There are injury concerns with some other guys on the list. I think I would make this decision based on what kind of risk you want to take. In the last 7 years, only 11.9% of season RB1s came from a bottom 10 offense. What teams are highly likely to be there this year? (Titans, Lions COU
  4. As other posters said, I think he gets force fed a few balls no matter what. Hopefully Tennessee anticipates that.
  5. I need him to be 18 pts or less in my 1/2 PPR dynasty league to win. I'll be sweating, because I do feel like its about as 50/50 as you can get.
  6. I am targeting Stills or Rishard Matthews as my WR4.
  7. Wait till you see some rookies blow up the preseason. But, yeah I agree. Although I do find Guice and Trey Burton interesting.
  8. Don’t read too much into the strength of schedule. So much changes from year to year. That’s something you start worrying about a few weeks into the season. And there is a huge difference between DJ and those 3rd round RBs in my opinion. Even Freeman. That said AB is awesome, but WR is easier to find than workhorse RBs.
  9. Could you not have teams 1-3 all nominate players, and list 3 players? You could set it up to have at least a few seconds between each player. You would bet on each player individually. I feel like in today's world it wouldn't be that hard to multitask and keep track of 3 players prices at a time.
  10. I haven’t done an auction draft, so realize I have zero experience, but it seems to me that the only reason they aren’t more popular is because of the time it takes to complete. My question is, why can’t an auction draft auction 3 or 4 players at a time? I feel like there may be a reason I am not seeing due to my lack of experience, but to me it seems like this would shave hours off of auctions. Thanks!
  11. The first post of this thread had him as a bust.
  12. Why are you guys down on Devante Adams? I think he is super safe with Rodgers throwing him the ball, especially with no Jordy.
  13. Jones and Funchess. I am staying away from the GB backfield, except maybe Ty Montgomery late as a flex option, but Jones is a nice option for you. I also second Graham over Hyde.
  14. I need the community's experience and wisdom: Our league is 12-team Redraft 0.5 PPR. We use FAAB. We are moving to a Superflex for sure. We ran 2 WR last year, but I am considering adding a WR3 starting spot this year. My goals are these: 1. Thin waiver wire with options early on, but mostly bare by end of season (at least a few options mid-season). 2. Balance of value with QB, RB, WR positions for draft strategy and trades. 3. Ability to teams to make moves to put themselves in a competitive situation all season. 4. Enough bench spots
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