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  1. Bills decided they want to be a run first team now against one of the best run defenses? Bold move. Josh Allen with 9 pass attempts in the first half so far isn't what you want as a Bills fan.
  2. Steelers are resting Big Ben. Would have to imagine their other key starters don't see a full game either then.
  3. This last part is something I definitely noticed this year. I'm usually always someone who fades QBs and TEs because I feel the need to want to load up on RBs and WRs. But the guy I lost to in the playoffs had Mahomes and Kelce, and was able to just get consistent production from his WRs and RBs by having guys like Evans, Cooks, Hunt, and Taylor. His Mahomes/Kelce stack was enough to give him a solid floor every week. So I think next year I will go in more open minded if a guy like Kelce is on the board and I'm looking at a bunch of RBs that I don't feel great about...I convinced myself to tak
  4. I'd probably take him third after Tyreek. I think a healthy John Brown takes a little bit of the ceiling away from Diggs, or at least enough that I would probably lean towards Tyreek over him in 2021.
  5. Lol I can't believe I pulled that off...was down 80 points with only Adams, Diggs, and Bills D left...won by 5. Only thing that sucked was it was in the third place game since Adams didn't show up last week and I got bounced in the semis. At least a little bit of money is better than going home empty handed!
  6. It just ruins the fun of building the best team when it ends up not even mattering, and some mediocre team gets lucky for one week and they're crowned the champion. I'm sure it's an awesome feeling for that team, but feels like a kick to the nuts when all your time, effort, and success over the course of the year is all meaningless when one week of bad luck trumps all of that.
  7. So stupid that I outscored the "champion" of our league in the regular season, and also outscored him in every single week of the playoffs. But yet he gets rewarded and I don't because of the luck of the draw with head to head matchups. The team that beat me last week with 170 put up 74 this week in the championship. Meanwhile, I'm chilling here in the meaningless third place game with 200 points thanks to Adams and Diggs.
  8. Thought I had a zero percent chance of coming back, but thanks to Adams I now have a very small glimmer of hope...I need 35 from Diggs and Bills D in half PPR. Still unlikely but you never know!
  9. Same thing happened to me as the #1 seed and highest scoring team. The team that beat me scored 165 last week against me, and then dropped a 75 turd in the championship. I also outscored the other team too that was in the championship game. I'm now 0-4 in the semi finals in that league over the past 5 years.
  10. In full PPR, definitely wouldn't fault you for it. I'd probably still take the few elite tier RBs, but absolutely up in that conversation and a top 5 pick in my opinion.
  11. As a Packers fan, I feel like a traitor hoping for a big second half from Henry...but here we are. As long as GB still wins, let's let Henry feast a little bit so I can win some money too! 🤝
  12. He was my last hope at getting a win...only needed a few more points but he decided to completely suck. Would have won if I kept Agholor in my flex, but fell for the trap once Keenan was ruled out 😡
  13. Deshaun Watson Derrick Henry Aaron Jones James Robinson Davante Adams Stefon Diggs Calvin Ridley ....this lineup (10 team league) won me zero dollars this year. How the ***k does this happen? Back to back losses and got beat by a team that I scored over 400 more points on in the season...FOUR HUNDRED. Well, that makes my record 1-9 in the semi finals in my two leagues combined the past 6 years. Starting to lose motivation when every year I feel like I have a zero percent chance of winning no matter how good my teams are.
  14. Seems dumb for KC to risk him and put him out there at less than 100% considering they have the top seed locked up, especially with something like a hammy injury that can be easily re-aggrevated.
  15. No Keenan and Hunter Henry...how are people feeling about him? Is he their WR1 or do guys like Guyton and Johnson steal the spotlight here?
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