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  1. Time to change the number back to 28, Melvin
  2. Dan Quinn throwing us fantasy junkies a bone
  3. Dumped to stream Carr vs. KC. QBzero never fails to entertain.
  4. Lost in the discussion of the developing “other situation” is the role Gordon played in Sunday’s game. The Pats ran Gordon up the seam for both his TD catch and deep completion - something they’d often do with Gronk as a bid bodied WR. Let’s be clear, Gordon is not Gronk. But I think we need to entertain the idea that Gordon will be utilized in this offense in both X and Y pass catching roles. His size/frame will fill a unique role that’s missing in that offense.
  5. .5 PPR 12 team league GIVE: Derrick Henry GET: Zach Ertz I already have Travis Kelce at TE but I'd slide Ertz into one of my two flex spots (RB/WR/TE) as a no brainer week-to-week start. Other RBs are Gurley, Devonta Freeman, Tarik Cohen.
  6. I would consider it so so news. Moncrief went for a modest 4/34/1 in last year's tilt with Gilmore covering him. Regardless, Gilmore's never a great draw for your WR.
  7. Ideal Number: 2 Actual Number: 6 Monetary Hit: No comment Fantasy always presents the best opportunity to stay in touch with old friends. Not to mention, works leagues can start stacking up if you jump from company to company.
  8. I'm ashamed of it but Derrick Henry in late RD 3 early RD 4 has been a no brainer for me this year. PPR value is non-existent but I have a good feeling about him running behind Saffold With that being said, I loathe myself
  9. Thinking about trading Austin Riley straight up for Max Muncy. Not entirely sure Riley will be able to keep up this crazy pace and I like Muncy's versatility in the infield.
  10. This is a Grade A example of overthinking it. Start Goff.
  11. Hate to break it to everyone but this comes with the territory. I wish I had stats to back this up but Cooper might have the biggest standard deviation (shoutout 9th grade algebra) of all top 30 WRs from the past couple seasons. I owned him outright two years ago and for .5 season last year. He'll either win you your week or lose you your week. That's the risk you run.
  12. The whole point of drafting Gronk is knowing that the only time he will ever frustrate you is with a 6 catch 75 yard performance. Other TE options weekly floors aren't so attractive. He's a stud (if healthy) and you'd be silly to sell him at any point unless the price is right
  13. Yup that was the game I was referring too. And if I remember, that was a weird thigh/leg injury that popped up after a Wednesday practice. They wrap him in bubble wrap during the first half of the regular season.
  14. Pats fan chiming in here - my best guess is they sit him tomorrow night considering A) the short week and b ) the opponent. They used the same approach last year on a short week Thursday night game with Gronk ailing injuries. Even if he does play, it would be a risky move IMO. I bet NE treat this game like the 2014 AFC Championship - a game where Gronk was targeted once. Pound the rock (w/ Michel + White in the air) and convert in the short passing game. Stay away, if possible.
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