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  1. Jaden will be a bright player....Who you will get right now Jaden or mo bamba??????
  2. I hope this guy wil play better but right now I bet on Cam reddish and Harry Gilles because of Embiid injury....
  3. What a feeling....I grab him before this 3 games....keep it going....
  4. KPJ or Cam reddish???? both similar players with a lot of final season upside....Cam have better elegibility but....I am doubting....Opinions??
  5. I'm not sure about stash all Porters....now is the moment of the thruth in most leagues...the playoffs are in the horizon and Otto porter for example is a risky bet because posible restrictions.....Kevin porter Jr. will rise but dont provide supporting stats and M. Porter Jr will rise too......but I dont have bust in my roster.....
  6. Hopefully it was precautionay....damned hamstrings.....I hope to return soon
  7. I just picked up today...See if he can keep it going....minutes is the question
  8. I traded him 2 weeks ago for Covington and I am happy....I am scared about conley this year but maybe he can round into form, be a starter and make a good season ending
  9. Zion was fun to watch...I will be a risky roulette...Is a beast but I thought he had lose weight and I saw him very big....I wish this guy can control his weight because of his career...it could be a very short one.
  10. I picked up and will stash him , wait and see situation...could be a playoff winning investment
  11. Pretty good numbers in his first game. I picked him for Satoransky....if D.Rose is traded can ball....Drummond on the block, BGriffin out.....make sense
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