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  1. Still got him stashed on my IL spot. Be interesting to see what he puts up
  2. I did a punt assist team and I'm 10-7 in the assist category and overall, 104-44-5 and 14-3 (10 team) I'm 17-0 in Blocks and 14-3 in Pts, FT% and rebounds PG - Jrue Holiday SG - Beal Sf - Mirotic PF - Turner C- KAT Ibaka Mal Brog Vucevic Cousins Gallinari Ayton Gary Harris Bogdan Fournier (but got rid of him last week)
  3. Raps still like to go small...Serge works really well at center
  4. You guys holding or dropped already? He's my last man
  5. Never realized how much of a FG% anchor he is for my team. Been undefeated in that category all season and him being hurt, comes the L
  6. He was such a value pick (in my most cases). Him and Vuc mid-late guys who are just dominating their pre ranks
  7. 15 pts a game, 2 three's, 4 assists and a steal a game..wish his %'s were a bit better but I didn't expect much from my end of draft guy
  8. Never been so happy to own someone as I do now...(sorry JV owners)
  9. Gonna keep him on my IR spot..sitting at #1 and have a very comfortable lead in my league so I can wait. Still hate hear that news though
  10. Ya I would make a move or two. My WW is dry as hell in my 10 team so I could only imagine how bare yours is as well
  11. I'm just ****ting on my league to be completely honest. Up 16 games on the comp and sitting at #1. Won 9-0 last week LOL!! and this is my competitive league. Vuc is just carrying my team SO much. He was unreal last week
  12. What's your record so far? Feel like your fg% isn't great.
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