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  1. Lost by 0.4 points in PPR..... - Had Parker leave early with a 0. - Had Gio get benched with first carry fumble. - Had Diontae get benched with drops. - Had Conner get 1.8pts.
  2. Just lost out on a playoff spot by a few points. 12 team league, did LOTS of trades early on, had this team stayed healthy it was an easy walk to the championship: Saquon - RIP Odell - RIP Joe Mixon - RIP Austin Eckler - Basically RIP Zach Ertz - Basically RIP Michael Thomas - Killed me early on. Miles Sanders - Out the middling BYE weeks James Conner - COVID Thats 7 studs (not inc Ertz here) that all went in the top 1-3 rounds. Not even a playoff squad. Put so much time/work in early on.
  3. Wish he wasn’t kicked out, only needed a few more catches for playoffs.
  4. Must win game. Puck 2: Parker, Cooper, Juju. Side note, I am starting Diontae and Snell, unsure if starting Juju is too many steelers against a solid WAS dst.
  5. Week 13: Who we rolling? LAR @ ARZ LV @ NYJ CHI v DET I wanna roll LV bad, but just how bad is their dst?
  6. Ppr Snell v WAS or Gio @ MIA Who you starting? WHIR
  7. Any reports out before the 2PM’s on the likelihood of the Pitt/BAL game happening?
  8. I had Saquon, Thomas, Ekeler and Mixon. Great szn.
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