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  1. Only freaking 11 passes the entire game. This is when TEN was behind pretty much the entire game. Unbelievable.
  2. Super disappointed with AJ brown. My other WR Woods also did the same. After hitting 15-0 in regular season, I am behind in semifinal game.
  3. I need a TD and another 50-60 yards from AJ Brown. One big play can do this.
  4. This guy is very overrated. Not a RB1 for sure. Middle of the road RB2. His own team does not trust him. Booker and Richard take up way too many carries.
  5. I would be avoiding Jacobs in all my drafts next year. Bum he could not even get playing time against D Booker and Richard.
  6. Who would you pick for playoff week. N Hines and T Gurley are my other RBs. I was leaning towards Conner, but now seems Mostert is going to play. Suggestions, what would be your choice. Thanks.
  7. Brady has good matchup. Their RB R Jones looks like out, Brady has to throw against ATL.
  8. Need to put a WR for Playoffs. Any suggestions.
  9. Wasn't this supposed to be a big game for Conner? He is missing.
  10. Is it time to drop him and open up a bench spot? The last few games were not so good. This for folks without CMC.
  11. Just crazy, I have Gurley and Ridley. Can we atleast get Gurley back in the game, please let him play.
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