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  1. 2 should suffice IMO. Im usually against making in season changes but teams are getting wrecked with injuries. I wish this option was available earlier.
  2. Yeah tough to say right now. I would guess that we we won't see him in the next week at the least. After that we'll see where he is.
  3. Royce and Josh Hart are two guys who are similar who I targeted late in deeper leagues because they both rebound really well for their position and have the ability to knock down 3's with some steals. They arent spectacular but at the end of the day they have fantasy value.
  4. The steals got my attention. He did play well in the bubble so mabye there is something to it. I dont like the guy much either but if he produces like this he has a spot on my bench.
  5. New Orleans is dead last in the NBA in giving up 3's. They play them twice in a row. Should be a good week for Bojan.
  6. He has been playing with a little extra skip in his step lately. I'm still waiting on the game he goes off for the full game and not just 1 quarter.
  7. Wait did they take away one of his blocks? Also why is Toronto so bad this year
  8. Riiickkkkyyyyyy... Sad when you can't count on at least a 10 point game out of him. My heart says hold, my brain says drop and never look back lol.
  9. All 3 of my ESPN leagues both public and custom, have just 1 IR spot. Yes I think I'm officially done with ESPN.
  10. Bojan's been following a trend - 2 trash games followed by 1 good game I hope it's just rust and not injury related
  11. LMAO Draymond made the highlight reel at 1:40. It's a pass! I like how at the end he's literally just running up the court to get another shot off while the commentators are chuckling.
  12. Still put up a monster line in 26 minutes. Looks like a nice fit in cleveland.
  13. He might get it. Portland's defense is really bad.
  14. Clutch 3. This dude is good. 21 points 12 assists with efficient shooting.
  15. This dude is close to a 5 x 5 and its going to double OT 23p-14r-4a-4s-3b so far.
  16. I think if you got him in the late 70's you should be pretty happy with that. I saw him go as high as 50, but in the majority of my drafts he went in the early to mid 60's.
  17. Team 1 on Come Get Some. I usually dont play points league's but I'll give it a shot. ut_jazz03@yahoo.com
  18. I kinda hate him in real life but he always ends up on my fantasy teams one way or another. Cant deny the fantasy value.
  19. I liked him a lot looking at his college highlights. Last night he went 5-8 from the field, 2-3 from 3 for 12 points in 22 minutes. I think he will only be drafted in the deeper leagues but playing for Memphis I think there is a chance he carves out a spot for some minutes and will provide 3 point shooting for fantasy teams.
  20. I imagine a lot of people in here are Jacobs owners and with him being out dont have time for an audition. Sooooo. Greeeeeeeennnnnn Akers is the place for me.
  21. A lot of people sleeping on him..Because he's a better fantasy option than in real life? Idk..I'll happily grab him late.
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