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  1. Miraculously made the semi-finals after beating a team with a roster that was no doubt better than mine. Sadly, went up against Ingram, Andrews and Darnold last night. Nothing like being down 50 points before Sunday even rolls around. 3rd place game here i come!
  2. Tevin Coleman, Joe Mixon and Tyreek Hill were all a part of my starting lineup. That was fun while it lasted. Drafting and starting Curtis Samuel and Dante Pettis in my two FLEX spots was just the icing on the cake!
  3. In a league where there is 5 WR/TE spots that you must fill each week, I'm starting 3 TE's: George Kittle, C.J. Uzomah and Trey Burton. You read that correctly, THREE TIGHT ENDS.
  4. I am in this exact dilemma and have no idea who to start. Most rankings have them right next to each other this week. I'm leaning Cleveland though.
  5. Any Ravens fans in here? I know Harbaugh isn't going anywhere but I'm curious as to others opinions on him after the Ravens have missed the playoffs the last three seasons.
  6. The guy who runs this league has some very interesting rules. But when someone is completely out of it and wants to better prepare for next year, that's the type of trade that happens.
  7. Happens in this league nearly every year whenever a crappy team has awful keepers. If you think that one is bad, someone traded Leonard Fournette for Alex Collins, Rex Burkhead, Davante Adams and Josh Gordon. Didn't work out for him.
  8. 12 team, .5 PPR. Finished the regular season 10-3 and pretty much dominated in the playoffs thanks to Todd Gurley. I kept Ben Roethlisberger, Jordan Howard and Demaryius Thomas coming in to the year. 2nd title in 3 years. I present to you, Thomas the Dank Engine: Starting Lineup Week 16: QB: Big Ben QB: Derek Carr (was Palmer before injury) RB: Todd Gurley RB: Mark Ingram RB: Jordan Howard WR: Tyreek Hill WR: Adam Thielen WR: Demaryius Thomas WR: Sterling Shepard FLEX: Cooper Kupp D: Bears K: Wil Lutz Best
  9. 12 Team League .5 PPR, start 2 QB, 3 RB, 4 WR, FLEX, D and K QB: Big Ben QB: Derek Carr (was Carson Palmer before injury) RB: Jordan Howard RB: Mark Ingram RB: Todd Gurley WR: Demaryius Thomas WR: Sterling Shepard WR: Tyreek Hill WR: Adam Thielen FLEX: Cooper Kupp D: Bears K: Wil Lutz Currently deciding between Kupp, Mike Davis or Chris Hogan in the FLEX. I wish that could be better but my RB's have carried me all year, just one more week!
  10. Might be forced to roll him out as my FLEX in the championship but I don't feel that good about it. Titans have been vulnerable over the middle of the field this year but with Woods back I feel like he's touchdown or bust. Anyone else have thoughts for this week or thinking about playing him?
  11. I have to start him due to lack of options, but I'm praying Osweiler gets the start at QB. I just don't see Lynch doing much of anything if he plays. He looked awful the last time he was out there.
  12. In my case.... Winners: Thielen and Kupp Losers: Kevin White (drafted him as my first bench WR, became my first player on IR)
  13. I'm going up against a team starting him, Gordon, Baldwin, Adams and the Jags defense... may the fantasy gods have mercy on my soul.
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