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  1. f--- Andy Dalton and his desperate need to feed Green. Straight up killed every drive with that bull. That is all lol
  2. Lost by 1 point because Alvin Freaking Kamara couldn't get me 8 points. Wow.
  3. My RB2 situation in Jordan Howard is costing me wins. I have him in most leagues and it's frustrating. Trying to find a RB on the waivers is a crap shoot. What a waste of pick.
  4. Really needed Diggs and Hill to do way better for me. Now I'm about to get Fitzmagiced to cap it off.
  5. Exactly. I keep finding myself in situations where I would have beat ANYONE else in the league... But the guy I'm up against. Frustrating.
  6. I can't believe how many duds I had today across multiple leagues. It's almost comical.
  7. It always sucks when you already know you lost. Smh.
  8. Fantasy can be fickle. I dominated last week and now my team is struggling the next. It's crazy how it can play out.
  9. I should trust my gut more. Ignoring bad feelings has cost me the week.
  10. I appreciate my team rallying together and showing unity by screwing me over against the Gurley owner whose team is doing fantastic. From first place to my team doing f**k all when it mattered most. What an aggravating loss. I score my lowest points ever during the championship. Of course. Oh, and Happy Birthday to me. Thanks Fantasy Gods for the gift
  11. Shepard gets the volume, but the chance of him being shadowed by PP is a little concerning. I'd feel much better about starting him if PP isn't breathing down his neck. And as you pointed out, Eli can be very inconsistent. Shepard isn't a bad choice per say, but he's a risky one. JuJu is about to become Big Ben's favorite. This was the snap count for JuJu and Bryant after AB went down: Steelers WR snap counts in W15 w/o AB: Juju (66), Martavis (36), Heyward-Bey (31), Rogers (25). 36 snaps were Bryant's lowest total since W7. Now, I'm not saying that won't go
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