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  1. Lol @ shitting on Vuc right now when his stats are basically identical to his Orlando numbers
  2. when did I say anything about dropping him? 🤡
  3. yeah it's not like your best player getting hurt in the playoffs is a big deal or anything 🤡
  4. it's always been obvious drummond isnt a very good player. itll be fun watching him get exposed in the playoffs this year
  5. cant imagine him not getting heavy burn this week. they need him to score
  6. is this guy playing this week or what
  7. I do love Jerami for MIP though. feel like he has a better case than Wood
  8. he'll prob ball out and just leave in the offseason, which tillman wants anyway
  9. i LOVE IT! thanks for keeping me updated. let me know what happens next game thanks
  10. there are i think 390 active players in the league for a multi billion industry... theyll skip the line to keep those checks a flowin
  11. but hes in 1st place and finished 1st last year!! dwu is a fantasy god!!
  12. thats not very bold he might average 20 this season
  13. twolves only play twice next week so dont really mind him sitting out another one
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