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  1. Daily lineups. First year of an 8 man league. ABradley, Roco, Chriss, Dragic, Peyton, Blopez are the rest
  2. CP3, Kyrie, PG13, Draymond, Agordon, are some of my other main pieces
  3. I don't think I'd have the patience to keep Jabari. Still looking like a late January early Feb return? So at a minimum that's 12-13 weeks. Then another x weeks to return to form. I'd pry keep Lavine tho. Should be back in little more than a month. Who else is on the wire?
  4. In a 10 man ESPN points league. I always like to have a 'first to go' ready for any FA pickups. Built a pretty balanced team. Who would be first to go? Gary H, AGordon, AveryB, Ibaka? As I'm typing this I'm realizing I'd be foolish to drop anyone at this point.
  5. I'm big on Love this year. Especially if you are punting fg%
  6. KD is more or less a cheat code for cats. I pry would've tried holding out for a little more.
  7. Show a little patience at the start of the season. Don't go dropping known producers after a slow start.
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