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  1. It's up now. However I'm not seeing any auction values. I know they had auction values last year. Anyone know what's up with this? Am I just missing it?
  2. Interested. Can I get more info on the available players in the dispersal? And more info on how contracts work? Reidcarley1@gmail.com
  3. I would like to join a deep dynasty league, at least 16 teams, preferably around 20, would even go up to 30. I am a committed and experienced fantasy owner. Currently in two dynasty leagues but would like to find a deeper league for a new challenge. I am only interested in playing for money, won't do free leagues. I prefer a startup but would take on an orphaned team if it looks workable. Please leave a message here if you have a dynasty league that needs a good owner. Thanks, Reid
  4. I am looking for something like this too. Cant help you out but if you have found something and need more let me know.
  5. Is this league free, no buy in or payouts? I am looking for a deep dynasty league but want to play for money.
  6. Yeah good point regarding 18 vs 12 team. I am sure no one will give up that much in 18. Push for as much as you can, and if that's Lauri/Ja, then that will do. Regarding Collins, i think i am pretty high on him in dynasty compared to most. While I don't expect him to break out in a big way this year, i think that's coming another year or two down the line. Think he needs a little more time to get his body up to nba standards. But his high level skill set and shot blocking ability make him very intriguing. I was stoked to get him as a cherry on top in my Zion deal. I think that will look pre
  7. Lonnie Walker has a "mini breakout" with 14 ppg, becomes spurs 6th man. Alex "The Dunking Steve Blake" Caruso becomes Lakers starting PG by thanksgiving. *not all that bold, i know, but I like bottom half of roster speculation
  8. I am wondering this as well. I emailed the support line and was just told "mid september." I bought it specifically for a dynasty startup auction draft. Big deal being dynasty and needed some help since it's hard to do mocks for auction. Draft was last Sunday the 15th.... would at least like to compare my results to their ranks to know how I did haha
  9. I am big on Collins long term. I think he is just scratching the surface if his potential. However, I am not really sure what to expect this year because I dont think he has quite put it all together yet. I think decent later round value as a blocks specialist with good percentages is a fair expectation, but he needs another year or two to reach his full potential and start pushing upper mid round value.
  10. Thanks everyone for the feedback. It's much appreciated. Good luck in your respective leagues.
  11. I am late to the party here, but my 2 cents - canvas the league and try get a better offer, if you haven't already, and if that is the best on the table, then yes still do it. Agree with everyone above. I think Zion is a bit over rated. I dont think he will suck, but I have doubts about the perennial top 10 upside most have him pegged for. Lauri + Ja could be amazing. I think it's at least a 50% chance Ja is the best player from this class. And someone out there is likely willing to give up a ton for zion. For a reference point, in case it helps, I just did the following trade in a 12 tea
  12. I already made this trade. Pulled the trigger last night. But I want to hear your feedback. Am I stupid or genius? Give me your feedback, comments, hate, etc. 12 team, 8 cat, head to head, dynasty. I won the rookie draft lottery and have (had) the rights to zion. I send: Zion, otto porter jr, Dennis Smith jr, Kevin Knox I receive: Damian Lillard, Pascal Siakam, Zach Collins My team after the trade: Damian Lillard Giannis Antetokounmpo Bradley Beal Pascal Siakam Jayson Tatum Wendell Carter Jr Jarrett Allen Terry Rozier
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